Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Of HK, Chopped and more!

I am very proud to say that I've been taken on board as an editor for MuseItUp Publishing, and I have taken two manuscripts to content edit so far. Hopefully, they'll like what I do and will let me stay to do more. This is a great relief after the Wicked Nights debacle, which is still ongoing. We've not received reports or money for second quarter. Or money for first. It's ridiculous, and certainly unethical.

*********Spoilers ahead**************

Hell's Kitchen. I called that one. Elizabeth was undoubtedly the weak link, and had to go, based on recent   performances. I think I'm finally catching on. Elise is still there for aggravation value. Tommy for that wtf is he doing stupidity. I see in the next few episodes, in no particular order, Elise, Tommy and Paul being eliminated, and Jennifer and Will slugging it out toe to toe for the win.

I watched the first episode of Chopped Champions this morning. Some of the ingredients they have to deal  with would definitely stump me - I could never compete on a show like this, not without a lot of training first. Plus what do you do when you hate the ingredient? You have to use it anyway. Like port wine cheese. Don't like it. Don't like coconut. Or oysters. Quhogs are like oysters - who knew? I saw nopales used for the second time, this time in the dessert round. Cactus-like thing, slimy. The purpose of Champions is to pit previous winners against one another in four episodes, and in the fifth one, the four winners of those episodes will compete. In the first episode, a chef was chopped in the first round for missing two of the basket ingredients. A huge no-no! It came down to two guys, one of whom had a really big mouth. I think that was his downfall, cause his tart was both burnt and raw. He was chopped. Good episode.

We watched the second episode of Top Chef Just Desserts. I haven't decided if I like anyone yet, but Craig has definite issues. He's not just slow, he's challenged in some way I haven't put my finger on. I wonder how long he'll keep from being eliminated. To be honest, I'm not as interested in dessert shows as other cooking shows, they don't hold my interest, although I do like to watch them do some of the big cakes. Cupcakes seem limited to me, but if my daughters open a cupcake shop together, as they sometimes talk of doing, I'll be one hundred per cent behind them.

I'm proofing my audio book version of Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire for the second time. Only a few  changes had to be made, most of those because of mispronouncing one word - Rimbaud. I like this reader. I think his name is Jim Bowie. Can't wait for it to come ut, I'll keep you posted.   I'm working on the sequel to this, want to be done by the end of the year, and maybe have an edition which has both stories together.

I subbed Sex on the Beach Christmas Style to Silver for their Christmas subs (another victim of the WN train wreck). Cross your fingers for me!
Sui wrote a really great story for that, I read it yesterday - it made me cry. I'm sure she'll get in.

I can't wait for Justified to come back, I miss me some Raylan Givens! Next week is the season finale of The Glades, should be awesome. Then before long Vampire Diaries will begin its 3rd season - let's hope the writers get a clue, but I'm not holding my breath. If not for Damon/Ian Somerhalder, I'd never watch it. Hawaii 5-0 will be back too, can't wait for that, they sure left it on a great cliffhanger!

September already! The year is flying by! And so's this day, so gotta get back to it! Have anything to say, ask or comment or? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie