Friday, April 8, 2011

Trading Up Review

Author: Brindle Chase
Publisher: Breathless Press
American release date: March 24, 2011
Format/Genre/Length: Ebook/Erotica/47 pages
Publisher/Industry Age Rating: 18+/Mature content
Overall Personal Rating: B

Heather thinks that Mark is the perfect man for her—he’s handsome, sexy, smart, and likes to do the same kinds of things that she does. There’s only one problem—he’s her sister Theresa’s boyfriend!


Heather envies Theresa what she has, and what she is—more beautiful, charismatic and sexier than she is. When Theresa approaches her with her ideas about dumping Mark as a boyfriend, of wanting to find someone else and move on, Heather is astounded, as well as angry that her sister could possibly want anything else but Mark, the perfect man.

But there’s no getting around it, that’s just what Theresa wants. But Theresa has decided that she knows the perfect gal to take her place—Heather! And although Heather thinks she must be hearing things, or losing her mind, she listens to Theresa’s insane scheme to slip her into her place, in the dark, in order to be with him sexually.

Is it crazy? Undoubtedly. Is it possible? Maybe. Is it worth a try? That’s what Heather has to decide.


This is a story about one woman’s desires and fantasies, and the chance to make them come true, with the collusion of her sister. It’s not a badly written story, the author has a way with words, that I cannot deny. But the story fails, at least for me, on a couple of levels. It sets up the premise nicely, about Heather taking Theresa’s place in the couple’s nightly ritual of sex in the dark. Beyond the fact that it’s a strange proposition for a sister to make, and that she hasn’t even broken up with him yet, the outcome is pretty much predictable. And that’s basically all there is. The discussion, the plans, and then the carrying out of the plans, leading to the predictable happy ending.

Honestly, I was hoping for a bit more. Perhaps some sort of conflict once Mark learned the truth, not his instantly confessing to a longstanding love of Heather, and then falling into her arms. It wasn’t bad, it was nice, but it was just sort of there. And the sex that took place after the revelation seemed less romantic and sensual than the sex that took place in the dark. I have to question how he can not notice differences between the sisters, since they make a point of saying that they’re not built the same and that Heather has more weight to her (which should have been evident when she sat on his lap)

I feel there could have been more character development. Theresa comes off as a conniving manipulative bitch who tires of men and moves on on a regular basis. And that seems to be okay with Mark and Heather both. Mark accepts the fact that Theresa is dumping him and now he can be with his true love interest, Heather, and Heather is glad to take her sister’s hand-me-downs.  I think I might have objected to hearing myself called by my sister’s name in the so-called throes of passion. I’d sure love to be a fly on the wall when the sisters explain the switch to their parents.

If you’re looking for a light hot read, hot sex and a HEA, then Trade Up is for you. It’s only 47 pages and retails for $1.99. If you’re looking for something with a little more depth, then perhaps this isn’t it. I’d like to see what else this author can do, hopefully something a little longer and with more meat to it.

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