Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Ring Review

Sometimes it’s the seemingly unimportant choices that we make that can change our lives in unimaginable ways.  If Asakawa hadn’t been so tired, if he hadn’t let his commuter pass expire, if he hadn’t taken a taxi that day and listened to the story of the cab driver’s strange encounter with the dead-for-no-apparent-reason motorcycle rider and connected it with the death of his wife’s niece, then would anything that happened after that have happened? Or was it simply meant to be?

This is the book that began it all, the story of reporter Asakawa’s search for the truth. You may think you know what happened, but you’ll find out parts of the story that the movie doesn’t touch. Yes it’s about Sadako and the well and the infamous video that will kill any who watch it in 7 days time, but it’s also much more. Asakawa’s tenacity is the driving force behind the story, but it’s also the story of his family and his odd co-conspirator Ryuji, the confessed rapist.

Asakawa is convinced that the deaths of the motorcycle rider and his wife’s niece are no coincidence, and in researching them, he discovers the deaths of all four young people, and delves into what they might have had in common, which leads him to the cabin and the video tape. If you enjoy the movies, you’ll certainly appreciate the book, which lays a strong foundation for the next volumes. It’s well written and chills you in a way that the movies cannot.

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