Monday, April 4, 2011

Ramblings - aka back from Indiana

Yesterday was a totally exhausting day!  Sarah and I came back from Indiana in the morning, which is a 4 1/2 hour drive. We made good time, and it helps that by going east we gain an hour. Once we got back, I sat for a few minutes while Chris packed and loaded the car. Then it was off to Columbia! He had to get back to school (he goes to Mizzou), because his Spring Break was over. That was two hours there and then two hours back.  Then last night, we had the first staff meeting of our new convention - the 24 Hours of Potter, which is coming in July. It was a good meeting.  I ended up as Registration Chair (I know, what a surprise, right? lol) and Sarah is in charge of the Hospitality Suite. I'm also on a HP Sex Toys panel  :)  It should be quite interesting. After the meeting, we went to Jack in the Box, brought our food home and watched Top Chef, which we recorded from last Wednesday and haven't  had a chance to watch yet.

*********possible spoilers ahead***************************************

I have to disagree with the outcome of Top Chef. I think that while Richard is a creative chef, and doubtless a talented one, he doesn't have the same heart for it that Mike Isabella does. Richard is all about the bucks, and Mike is all about the food and giving to people. But it is what it is. It was good to see Fabio again, even if only briefly.  This week a new Top Chef begins - Top Chef Masters. We will watch it.

Also, I just found out that Jeff Lewis is getting a new series. If I understand it correctly, he'll live with someone and work on redesigning their house. Should be interesting.

I found out over the weekend that F/X cancelled Lights Out. That seems stupid to me. It's a great show. The season finale is on tomorrow night, now it's the series finale.  I'll miss it. I've really enjoyed it. I hope that Patrick wins his title back and goes out with a real bang!

Last night Showtime premiered a new series - the Borgias. It stars Jeremy Irons. As the title indicates, of course, it is about the historical family of infamy, which included a Pope and a poisoner (or two).  I watched it this morning, and I am already impressed. The first episode deals with Rodrigo Borgia and his machinations to become Pope. Jeremy Irons is most excellent in the role. Francois Arnaud plays his oldest son, Cesare, whom he forces into the church, against his own wishes and inclinations. And he is a real hottie too! Lucrezia Borgia, the infamous poisoner, is only 14 at this time, and there are hints of a relationship of some sort between them, which I believe is historical. It's quite beautifully done, and very fascinating. I highly recommend it, and look forward to seeing more of it. Here's a picture of the hotness that is Cesare:

The trip to Indiana was awesome, and it was over too soon.  We arrived Thursday evening. Katie had dinner waiting - a chicken tortilla soup, which was delicious. She opened her presents and was very happy. Friday we went to En Lai, a Chinese buffet for lunch. We went to Payless and did some grocery shopping. I made mustard chicken thighs for dinner, it turned out well. Saturday, Katie made mini quiches with spinach in them for breakfast, for lunch we went to Brew Pub. Katie and I got smoked salmon Caesar wraps - they were fantastic! I got their homemade orange cream soda, which was delicious. That night Katie made chicken and pasta, with roasted broccoli. It was very delicious. She also made an apple and butterscotch cake. We got to spend some time together, talking, in the morning before anyone else was up. It was a very good time, not sure how soon I can go back. Maybe August. Chris said he'd come then too.

I'm waiting on the contract for my co-authored book My Fair Vampire, that I wrote with SL Danielson. I think it turned out well, and I know the cover will be amazing - it'll be by Reese Dante. While I was in Indiana, I wrote most of the background notes to a new book - Cheatin' Heart. I really like it and hope to start on it soon. I finished reading The Ring. Katie wanted me to read two graphic novels, which I did - Air by Neil Gaiman and Locke & Key. They were both good. I started reading Gideon's Crew, the new Preston & Child novel.

Sarah and I resigned from Anime Radius because of their refusal to allow yaoi on the site again, although they don't want to renew Yaoi Radius either. I find it very upsetting, especially for the reason that I was allegedly given - because of the cuss words.  Seriously? It's for adults, what do they expect?  And then I go to the site today and what do I find? A review of Antique Bakery.  WTF?  Hypocrisy, pure hypocrisy. I'm done with even trying to understand it. Then they went and told Yoko at DMP that YR is on hiatus. More lies.  I can still review, maybe someone will take me on as a reviewer on a different site. No, I'd never go back to COL - gag me!

Been watching Six Feet Under - love it! We'll probably start Season 2 tonight. I'm about to finish season 2 of QAF, and watch the extras.  I love that show!

Well, that's about it for now, back to work - writing and replying at the psl I'm in!

 ♥ Julie

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