Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sometimes it takes me a while to find and watch a series that everyone else has already seen. Like Xena. Not that I didn't know it existed, but I never paid attention to it til recently. I started watching it on Netflix, part of their instant watch thing, and I'm up to the second season. I must say I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. When it first aired, I thought it looked silly, now I'm enjoying it for what it is. Is that age, am I mellowing or what? Whatever it is, I love to watch Xena fight, even though I know most of her moves are not possible, it's still great to see her kick the bad guys' asses the way she does. Also, Ares is rather easy on the eyes (even if Karl Urban looks odd to me as the pretty blond Cupid). Joxer is hilarious, a great comic foil. Lucky him to have a brother that likes to employ him, eh? Like Clint Howard? Not that I'm saying I don't like Ted Raimi, I do, just saying  he's lucky, and I wish Sam Raimi was my brother.

We started a new series last night, and by new I mean new to us as it originally aired in 1998. It's Canadian, and it's called DaVinci's Inquest. Nicholas Campbell plays detective Dominic DaVinci, whose ex is the coroner that is also dating his boss. The ex's name is Patricia and they definitely have a love/hate relationship, but they try to hold it together for the sake of their teenaged daughter. DaVinci has his own sense of humor and his own way of doing things. He's far from perfect and drinks to excess. In fact, he can be downright abrasive. I like him already. Donnelly Rhodes plays another detective, named Leo. You might remember him from the series Soap - he played escaped convict Dutch who ended up in love with both sisters - Corinne and Eunice.. Or you might even remember him from the soap opera The Young and The Restless as Philip Chancellor (yesk, father to the younger one, whom I believe is still on the show, assuming the show is still running, which I'm not sure of). DaVinci's Inquest ran for 7 seasons - I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

I started to watch a movie called Gabriel the other night. I chose it for two reasons: one is Andy Whitfield, hot star of Spartacus, and the other is the theme - archangels and such, which I have a weakness for. I didn't make it through the first half hour before giving up. Andy is easy on the eyes but his portrayal of Gabriel was too angsty and too tormented without reason for me. The cinematographer must have gone to the 300 school, and as for the special effects/cgi guy - I won't even speculate where he went. Gabriel's eyes are a piercing blue, obviously not real. And Sammael (at least I assume that was Sammael, after half an hour no one'd said and I stopped caring) had weird eyes that were basically all white with tiny pinpricks of black pupils. The effect wasn't eerie or cool, it was just odd. He was just odd. His Rastafarian friend was a cliche. The dialogue in the whole thing was affected and horrible. And the plot - was there a plot? Hell if I know or care. I recommend passing on this one, despite the reviews on Amazon which praise it. There are people who like Resident Evil too - I think it was horrible. To each his own.

***********possible spoilers ahead************

I'm enjoying where Justified is going, though, and last night's episode was another good one. Boyd has thrown off whatever pretense he had to goodness. Now he's just going with what he is - which is his daddy's son. And he has Ava taking that trip with him. They are officially a couple. I'm glad, now she'll leave Raylan alone. I'm not sure where Raylan and Winona are going, but I loved the part with Gary last night when Raylan opened his eyes to what was going on and that he, Gary, was Duffy's target, not Raylan. That boy can be damn slow. I don't like him. William Ragsdale, who plays Gary Hawkins, Winona's second husband, once had his own show, Herman's Head. It was unusual in its pov and the characters that were actually only in Herman's Head. Maybe it was ahead of its time, but I liked it. I love the way that Raylan isn't perfect, and that the characters seem as real as people you'd meet on the street. Except I'd rather not meet most of them lol

Do you have series that you discovered long after the fact?  I'd love to hear about them!

♥ Julie

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