Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sexy Snippets #11: Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire

Happy Sunday and welcome to Sexy Snippets! Today's snippet comes from my Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire, which will be released by Torquere Press in October. You may recall that it was previously released by a publisher which shall remain nameless. Since that time, I have added about 7k to it in the form of a second POV, namely that of Hunter Long.  I have chosen their first kiss for today. Enjoy! And don't forget to visit the other participants in the hop, whom you'll find here.

Fisher trembled, an expectant trembling, as if he were waiting for something to happen. He didn't have to wait long. Suddenly those beautiful lips were touching his, and then they were kissing, truly kissing. No, it wasn't Fisher's first kiss, but it was his first with a man. His only kiss with a man. And he was amazed at what a difference there was between this kiss and the others. Not because of gender, but because it was with Hunter. Because Hunter was someone special.

I can't show you a cover yet, because there isn't one, of course. But I can show you my inspirations for Hunter and Fisher.

Hunter Long

Fisher Roberts

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie