Friday, July 19, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday

Yay, TGIF, right? It's going to be a great weekend, but first, Friday!

Q: Book Vacay: Where is the best destination reading spot for you? (Where do you like to go to read other then your home)

To be honest, I don't read many other places. I read at work, on my lunch break, but I don't exactly call that a destination reading spot. The only other place I can think of is when I go to visit my daughter Katie, in Lafayette, Indiana, I take a book, and I usually find time to sit in her family room, with her and my other daughter Sarah, and read. That is my destination reading spot, and a place I love to be.

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♥ Julie


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  2. I agree with you - I don't really read in interesting places. Most of the time it's at my house. Sounds good though!

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  4. Most of the time I don't read anywhere exciting either :(
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