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Wednesday Briefs: Dallas in Wonderland #12

Happy Hump Day and welcome to another Wednesday Brief, brought to you by the fine authors that comprise the Briefers! We're having fun, and we hope you're having fun too! This week our prompt was:   I got you under my skin. The alternate prompts were:  Use Paul Bunyan, bad food, and wishes or use paper mache in your story or make a Doctor Seuss reference. Betcha curious to see who did what, aren't you? You'll find the links to the other Briefers at the end of my story!

Dallas in Wonderland continues. Dallas and Dr. Levi are together, and what happens next is anyone's guess!  Enjoy!

Dallas in Wonderland #12

Dallas attempted to get the words out, force his thoughts into some semblance of coherency—so many questions welling up inside his brain—but the longer they kissed, the more he stopped wondering what anything meant. Anything other than the feel of this magnetic man, that is. Even as their lips tangled, the dance continued, rhythmically swaying from one foot to the next, back and forth, their bodies pressed tightly together.

Dallas felt Samuel’s fingers in his hair, caressing his ear, stroking his neck.  He shivered at the possibilities inherent in this scenario. It had been a long time for him; he hoped he was reading the other man’s non-verbal cues correctly.

Reluctantly, he felt the kiss broken as the need to breathe emerged.

“You have amazing lips,” Dr. Levi whispered breathily, strumming his fingers along Dallas’ cheek. Dallas felt the caress of the well-manicured nails lightly scratch his skin. His cock tightened, filling his trousers to overflowing.

“Let me see you,” he murmured.

Startled, Dallas gazed into his topaz eyes. His mouth opened, but he wasn’t sure what to say. He hadn’t expected to hear such a request, especially not from the sexy doctor.

Dr. Levi traced Dallas’ upper lip with one finger, never breaking their locked gaze. “I’d like to see your beautiful body. With your permission, of course.  Permesso?”

Dallas wasn’t sure of the language, but he had a good idea what he was being asked, and echoed the word in return. “Permesso.”  Insecurities instantly filled him. What should he do now?  Should he take off his clothes, or should he allow the older man to do as he wished… or what? He’d never been in quite this position before. When he was with his former lover, Quentin had demanded and he’d simply obeyed. It seemed as though he actually had a choice here. He didn’t want to assume anything, though.

The music changed. Dallas recognized the new song as an old Cole Porter tune.

Taking one of Dallas’ hands, Dr. Levi spun him about, encompassing him in his embrace. He felt the other man pressed familiarly against his backside. Felt his warm breath against his ear, as he whispered, “I’ve got you… under my skin…”

Dallas had never felt so close to fainting in his life. At least, not from sheer desire.

A warm hand slid beneath his shirt, caressing his skin. Dallas caught his breath at the welcome intrusion. He felt his free will melting, surrendering himself to an overwhelming passion. One that threatened to override any common sense he possessed.

Cooler air blew across his skin; he felt his shirt being pushed upward. Now his nipples were exposed. Samuel brushed his palm over each in turn, hardening them. Dallas moaned.

“Raise your arms, per favore…”

Dallas obeyed, without hesitation. As the fabric passed over his head, he was engulfed in darkness for a moment, triggering a feeling of panic. His heart rate accelerated as he flailed slightly. And then he was free once more, and the doctor’s lips were sliding along his neck, pressing against his pulse point, tethering him once more. He leaned backwards against him, relieved that the decision had been made for him. Or had he somehow managed to relay his wishes, and Samuel had acted on them? Reaching back, as if for reassurance, his hand grazed the doctor’s cool cheek, deriving comfort from the slight touch of stubble beneath his palm. It lent the other man a certain solidity, an affirmation of his reality. Under the circumstances, Dallas felt his uncertainties were warranted.

“Shoes,” Doctor Levi directed in the same breathy whisper, and Dallas quickly toed them off.  They landed somewhere out of sight. Feeling emboldened, he gave his ass a slight shake. He was rewarded with the touch of Dr. Levi’s hands, squeezing and kneading his ass, before reaching around Dallas’ waist. There went the first button. It had been precariously placed at best; it popped off and disappeared. Second button fared better, sliding smoothly through the hole.

Dallas’ cock strained against the material, as the zipper began its careful descent. He thought it would never end, the teeth seeming to taunt him as they disengaged in agonizing slow motion, but it did. His briefs openly bulged now, an embarrassing wet spot no doubt visible, but Dallas didn’t care. The jeans were being pushed down, taking his underwear with them, setting goose bumps free to cascade along his bare skin. And then he stepped from them, and kicked them away.

“Spin for me, pretty baby,” the ethereal doctor coaxed, taking a step back.

Dallas stood uncertainly for a minute, but his body began to react, almost without his volition, his hands rising up above his hand, meeting palm to palm, as he began to turn, slowly, pivoting on an unseen axis.

“Yes, that’s right,” Samuel encouraged him. “Just like that.”

Dallas increased his speed, spreading out his arms to provide better balance; he’d never felt so secure, so sure-footed in his life. He could do anything; Doctor Levi made him invincible. That thought made him smile.

As he rotated, he lived for glimpses of his doctor, his Samuel, basking in the approbation on the handsome man’s face. He was doing something right, for once, and someone actually cared. As he spun, the room seemed to darken, everything else fading from his vision until only Dr. Levi remained, the one bright spot of color in the darkness.

A pair of bright eyes blinked open in the darkness. What was that? The more Dallas spun, the more confused he became. Whose eyes were those? Who was here? He tried to scream a warning of peril, but his throat muscles seemed to have locked up, his vocal chords refusing to work. He spun faster, racing the phantom. Closer it came, and closer, to his Samuel.

He grabbed at one of the arm chairs to halt his frenzied spinning; his feet began to slide…
…and then darkness kissed him.

 to be continued

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