Friday, February 3, 2012

Follow Friday #37

Good morning and happy Friday! Time for another Follow Friday and Blog Hop, sponsored by We have a new logo! Thanks for stopping by, and on to today's questions:

Q: Define what characteristics your favorite books share. Do they all have a kickass heroine or is the hot love interest the Alpha Male? 

A.  I love books of all different types, but I do enjoy a story that is different, with characters that aren't stereotypes or predictable.  The writing has to hold my interested, and I hate to be distracted with bad editing. Bad covers just keep me from looking at the book to begin with.  One consistency I do have is that in the Regency romances that I read, there is always a titled male character, who is generally some sort of a rogue, and a very strong character.  I think I like my male vampires to be rather Alpha, too.  Other than that, just give me a good story!


  1. Yeah, predictable characters are boring.

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  2. Nice blog Julie, it was nice nice to see those pretty yaoi images too :)

  3. Strong males make it for me too :) Great answer!! Hope you have a great Friday :)

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