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Wednesday Briefs: Dallas in Wonderland #11

Happy Wednesday, time for another Wednesday Briefs! We have another Flash Virgin with us today, welcome if you will Scarlett Knight! If anyone is interested in being a Briefer, just let me know. Everyone is welcome!

This week's prompts were:  Use food in an erotic manner or  Use: Sims, emu and gratuity  or "I got records on my fingers and I just can't stop"  (courtesy of my daughter Sarah)  or  use some sort of dance.

As you'll recall from last week's episode of Dallas in Wonderland, Dallas and the mysterious Dr. Levi have met again. Find out what happens!

Dallas in Wonderland #11

Dallas felt as though his body were on auto pilot, impetuously reacting to the dulcet tones of the sexy Dr. Levi. His very touch induced a wanton neediness inside of him. A neediness Dallas hadn’t been aware he possessed. Warmth crept through Dallas’ limbs, his mouth parted breathily, as he leaned back toward him, wanting more. So much more.

Dr. Levi traced Dallas’ lips with one slender finger. Dallas felt his cock twitch in response. He turned his head toward the doctor, the need to be kissed overriding everything else. When their lips met, an electrical surge pulsed through his body, his moans muffled in the doctor’s mouth.

The jolting of the bus brought Dallas back to reality, dampening his lust and giving his brain a chance to function. He exchanged the warm and fuzzies that were toasting his soul with his need to know just what was going on, and who was this man who’d thrown him into such a tizzy. He had a right to know.

Before he could get out a word, Dr. Levi laid his finger across Dallas’ lips. “Not here,” he whispered. “Come with me.” He rose in a sensually sinuous motion, reaching for the cord, signaling his desire to depart to the driver. The bus jerked in response, but the graceful figure never lost its balance. The vehicle came to a relatively smooth stop, brakes squealing, hydraulics whistling as the doors automatically opened.  Dr. Levi stood poised inside them, his topaz eyes fixed on Dallas. Like a puppet, Dallas rose from his seat and exited the bus, his gaze riveted on the plait of auburn hair which fell down the doctor’s back.

Quickening his steps, Dallas caught up with the other man, falling into step beside him. He took a good long look at him for the first time. The doctor was resplendent in blue today. A royal blue duster fell to the middle of his booted calves; beneath it a teal velvet waistcoat over a pale blue shirt that was almost silver. Aquamarine pants completed the ensemble. On him the cacophony of blues looked—amazing.

“Where’d you come from?” Dallas blurted out at last, finding his tongue.

Dr. Levi reached for his hand, tucked it companionably into the crook of his arm. Without immediately answering, he turned their steps down a nearby side street lined with modest, middle-class, ranch style homes.

Dallas felt frustrated. Furious. Confused. And at the same time completely content to be in Dr. Levi’s company once more. He didn’t understand why the doctor made him feel this way. He didn’t even know him. Not really. And yet he felt drawn to him by a force he could not withstand.

When they turned onto a private street, Dallas realized now where they were. The more upscale homes in this area were leased by the university and in turn were leased to some of its professors. Especially those who came to teach for only a semester or two. Students were not allowed to be lessees; that was strictly against school policy. Dallas had not had occasion to be here before. Why was Doctor Levi here, he wondered.

The homes were farther apart, with uniformly trimmed lawns and hedges. The same expensive, modern style of architecture, nothing newer than twenty years old, representative of the current trends in upper class housing.  Nothing particularly distinguishable or original. Nice and neat little Stepford homes, all in a row.

So what were they doing there?

Stopping at one of the homes in question, they turned up the conglomerate path which led to the door, past the stereotypical gas light which stood like a sentry on the lawn. Dr. Levi opened the dark oak door, waving Dallas in with a smile. He closed the door behind him, shutting out the light. Placing his hand on the small of Dallas’ back, he guided him toward the back of the house, into what appeared to be a den. Decorated entirely in browns and reds, shadowy objects hung upon the wall which revealed themselves, once Dr. Levi had started a fire within the fireplace grate, to be the heads of various types of animals. Dallas shivered at the sight.

As if in response, Dr. Levi wrapped his arms around Dallas, pulling him into his embrace. He burrowed his face against the doctor’s shoulder, inhaling his scent. The sensual voice pulled him back to the present.

“How is your nephew?”

Dallas took a deep breath, and stepped back, out of the sphere of influence of those warm arms. He needed to think clearly, and he couldn’t do it there.

“He’s good,” Dallas replied, almost tersely, trying to sort out his thoughts and force them into coherent questions. That wasn’t as easy as it sounded; he was perilously close to ripping off every last stitch of Dr. Levi’s blue outfit … or his own clothes… or both.

“The other night,” he tentatively began, other thoughts and questions intruding. “Is this your house?” he finished, surprised. That hadn’t been what he’d meant to ask.

“No, I’m house sitting. For a friend.” Dr. Levi’s smile was quiet, but effective. Dallas felt his heart melting inside his chest.

At first Dallas thought that the music was inside his head—slow and sensual, almost film noirish. Muted trumpets and smooth jazz.  But when their bodies began to move together in a syncopated two-step, he realized it was really playing. But how?

“Dr. Lev—“, he began. The doctor stopped his words with a kiss.

“Call me Samuel, please.”

“Samuel,” he concurred, the word sending frissons of pleasure along his tongue. “How… I mean… what…”

Samuel Levi gave him a lazy-lidded smile and pulled him tighter, so tight that Dallas felt his desire, echoing his own. He felt the doctor’s breath against his ear, as he whispered, "I got records on my fingers and I just can't stop."  

Before Dallas could ask him what the hell that meant, Doctor Samuel Levi kissed him. Long and hard.


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Don't forget to come back next week and see what happens between Dallas and Dr. Levi. Warning - next weeks episode might be unsuitable for some readers!

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  1. Poor Dallas, will he, or us ever find out just who is Dr. Levi exactly. I can't wait. Spectacular as always Julie. Loved it!

  2. This is really fun :) You are going to have find some explaination of the finger records.

    Looking forward to more of Dallas and the mysterious doctor.

  3. Very nice writing. And I really like your blog!

    1. Thanks, Scarlett! I'm really having fun with it!

  4. Argh, I can't believe you ended it there!!!!