Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Blogging today at Jana Down's place, and other stuff

Happy President's Day, to those of you in the US! Being unemployed, holidays don't have quite the same feel. In fact, this one's keeping me from going to the post office as well as the unemployment office! Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

Today I'm visiting at Jana Down's blog, talking about historical crushes. Why don't y'all join me there?

Then mosey on over to Ginger Simpson's blog, 'cause my friend Lorrie Struiff is talking about a monkey named Beggar, who's quite the handful, as well as her upcoming release, A Heap of Trouble. I'm here to tell you it's one heck of a good book. I know, because I had the honor and privilege of editing it. So stop on by and say howdy to Beggar and Lorrie.

What are my President's Day plans?

Started the day by making Snickerdoodle Muffins as a surprise for Sarah. I'm working on a flash fiction for the Bigger Briefs anthology. Have I mentioned that before? It's like an offshoot of the Wednesday Briefs, except the stories run from 2 to 3k, and they're going to be assembled and published by a publisher in the UK. How awesome is that? I'll keep you updated on it as it progresses. Actually, there will be anthologies - one m/m and one m/f. I've already written a story for the m/f, now working on the other. The theme for the first anthology is voyeurism.

I'm also considering an open sub for Dreamspinner, we'll see how that works out. And editing a book for Muse. So quite the full day ahead.

Tomorrow I'll probably discuss stuff like The Walking Dead, Californication, and the return of The Sandwich King. Going to do some writing now!  Have a great day!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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