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Wednesday Briefs: Don't Look Back #47 (9.4)

Happy Hump Day! Doesn't seem like it should be Wednesday already! Guess that's what a three day weekend does for you lol If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for some flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers. Every week, we present our best flash fiction, between 500 and 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts, for your enjoyment!

In last week's Don't Look Back, Marshall and Lee brought their feelings for one another out into the open, but Lee swore there would be nothing happening between them before Marshall turned eighteen. He feels like that will never happen! Don't forget to see what the other Briefers are up to. Their links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Don't Look Back #47 (9.4)

Marshall felt as though he would never turn eighteen.

Now that their desires were out in the open, a certain aura of sensuality swirled around them, like lightning before a storm. The lightest of touches, accidental or not, was electric. An innocent remark became a sexually charged double entendre.

They still slept together, despite Lee’s threats to move Marshall back to the other bedroom. But Marshall realized he didn’t mean it, and the one time he actually tried, the nightmare returned. So that put an end to that.

The sexual tension between them did reach the point where Lee invested in sleep pants for each of them. He said wearing them wasn’t exactly what he preferred, but he could handle the feel of the flannel a lot better than he could the feel of Marshall’s bare ass, and the pants were a lot less torture. Although Marshall pouted about it at first, he was secretly thrilled to know he had that sort of an effect on Lee. It almost made up for having to use his own hand to get off, rather than Lee’s.

While he waited to turn of age, Marshall took advantage of being on the Internet to do even more research. Besides looking into different positions and assorted toys, he found sites with information about doms and subs and their relationship. He recognized Lee was his dom, and he was happy with that. He loved Lee’s disciplines, and looked forwarding to escalating them when he was old enough.

But sex wasn’t the only thing on Marshall’s mind. Lee made sure Marshall kept up with his studies, and promised when he came of age, Lee would make him a partner in the business he considered theirs. Marshall already worked for Lee, writing programs and developing software, and his talents had been utilized by various gaming companies, who thought the world of him and didn’t care how old he was.

From about the age of seventeen on, though, the waiting seemed to get even worse. And although Lee swore they couldn’t do anything, no matter how much they wanted to, they began to kiss more and more. They enjoyed long necking sessions on the couch, which started out as watching TV, although Lee put the kibosh on kissing in bed. Nothing more than a goodnight kiss. He said it was just too great a temptation, so Marshall had to be satisfied with what he could get in other parts of the house. Which was still pretty good. He would never forget the day he got his first French kiss.

One night, Roy came over unexpectedly, bringing along a twelve pack of beer. They sat in the family room and swapped stories about their day. At one point, Roy was about to get up to get another longneck from the fridge, when his phone rang.

“I’ll get the beer, Roy,” Lee volunteered.  Roy nodded his thanks and answered the call, as Lee left the room.

Marshall was feeling particularly wound up, sitting so close to Lee and unable to touch him, but suddenly he saw his opportunity, and he went for it.

Knowing Roy was tied up on the phone, Marshall slipped into the kitchen right after Lee, who was just nudging the fridge door closed with his hip, two bottles in his hand. Lee arched his brows in question. “Want another one?” He let Marshall drink with him, at home. Texas law allowed minors to drink under the supervision of their parents.

“No, want this,” Marshall murmured before he planted his lips on Lee’s, backing him against the fridge. Lee didn’t exactly fight back, probably caught by surprise at Marshall’s unexpected maneuver, and for a few moments, they were content to press their lips together, moaning softly.

The sound of a throat clearing took them both by surprise. Roy stood in the doorway, phone in hand. Lee straightened, and Marshall hastily stepped away from him, sure his face had just turned twenty shades of red.

“Sorry, guys, I need to take a raincheck. I just gotta call I have to take. Probably nothing, but I need to check it out. You know how that is.”

“Roy, let me explain—” Lee began. Marshall fidgeted uncomfortably. He wanted to stand beside Lee, and stand up for him. He sure as hell wasn’t ashamed of their feelings. But he was unsure what the sheriff might be thinking, or what he might do. Marshall was afraid Roy might not want to continue their friendship after seeing what he saw, and he knew that would be a real loss to both him and Lee.

“You don’t owe me any explanation.” Roy raised his free hand, and looked directly into Lee’s eyes, then Marshall’s. “I think I’ve gotten to know you two better than anyone these past few years, especially you, Lee.  I’ve seen what you’ve gone through, what you’ve endured just to be together. You know, I’m not exactly blind either. I can see how you feel about each other.  And I’m sure not going to be the one who condemns you for your love. I say more power to you.”

Marshall exhaled in relief.  Lee set both bottles on the counter behind him, then slid his arm about Marshall’s waist and pulled him close. “I appreciate that, Roy. We both do. Come back, and we’ll finish those beers.”

“Will do. I’ll just see myself out. See y’all later.” He nodded to them, then turned and left the kitchen.
Marshall burrowed into Lee’s shoulder, trembling slightly. He’d been really afraid Roy would hate them, and here he was all understanding and nothing but nice. He felt like they’d just dodged a huge bullet.

Lee held him without speaking for a few moments. When he cleared his throat, Marshall looked up. “See? Everything’s okay. He’s cool with us.”

“Yeah, he is,” Lee agreed. “But it won’t always be so easy. Not everyone is going to understand.”

 “Fuck them,” Marshall whispered. “That’s their problem.”

to be continued

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