Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tease Me Thursday #29: Don't Look Back

The weekend is almost here, so close I can taste it! So let's have a little bit of a tease, shall we? It's Tease Me Thursday, time for authors to show me 7 - 7 words, 7 sentences, 7 paragraphs. It can be a WIP, or a published story. Are you ready to be teased?

This week's excerpt comes from my ongoing flash fiction, Don't Look Back. Warning: This excerpt is explicit, plus this story has mature themes, not for everyone. In this scene, Marshall and Lee are intimate. Nuff said?

His cock ached from inattention, but he didn’t dare reach for it. That was so against the rules. Although he might, if he got horny enough, just to see what Lee would do about it. Might be fun.

Lee’s tongue was doing the most amazing things to Marshall’s hole, dipping and sucking, but there was more to come. Marshall knew it, and he needed it. Needed Lee inside of him. Soon.

He tried to curb his impatience, but the moan he inadvertently released was heartfelt.

Lee ceased his ministrations, leaning along Marshall’s back until his breath was warm in Marshall’s ear, his cock nestled securely between Marshall’s cheeks.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” Lee whispered seductively, his voice sending delicious shivers ranging through Marshall from his fingers to his toes.

It didn’t matter where they fucked, or how often they fucked, Lee continued to take Marshall’s breath away on a constant basis.

“Want you, Lee,” Marshall moaned. “Need you inside of me.”

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