Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tease Me Thursday #26: Don't Look Back (Sunday edition)

Sorry this is so late. As you know, my computer died on Monday, and I was offline most of the week, only now getting caught up. I apologize at how late this is. Next week has to be better, right?

Tease Me Thursday is where authors showcase WIPs or published works, a little something to tease your reading appetite before the weekend comes!

Don't Look Back is  my ongoing flash story that I write for the Wednesday Briefs. In this scene, Marshall and Lee are out for the evening, along with their friend Roy, when a stranger approaches the table and hits on Marshall, wanting him to dance. I think this is a great glimpse into Marshall and Lee's relationship. Enjoy!

He and Lee had an agreement—Marshall was free to dance with anyone, provided he received permission. And with the strict understanding nothing else would occur, there or anywhere else. Not that Marshall wanted anything or anyone else, but those were the rules, and he followed them. It wasn’t that Lee couldn’t keep up with Marshall. It was more a matter of giving Marshall his own space, Lee called it. A question of trust.

Marshall automatically glanced at Lee.

“With your father’s permission, of course,” the man added.

Marshall snickered, just before Lee pulled him close and laid a liplock on him that took his breath away.

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