Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #13: When Will I Be Loved

Good morning and Happy Saturday!

Some of you may have read my novel, When Will I See You Again, which is about Raoul and Alexx. Today isn't about them, though. it's about Alexx's friend, Miller. I am currently penning the second book, which is Miller's book, When Will I Be Loved.  He meets and is drawn to a sexy blond named Holt Wynne. In this scene, Holt speculates that perhaps he's moving too fast. Enjoy! And don't forget to visit the other participants of the blog hop, whose links follow my excerpt!

“Of course,” Holt continued, “I can slow down, if you think I’m moving too fast...” Despite his words to the contrary, he nuzzled Miller’s neck, his tongue lapping at Miller’s skin, producing shivers. “I promised... myself I’d court you the proper way. Take things in the right order, which I neglected to do when we met.” And now Miller was even more aware of that hard cock poking him in the ass.  “I want you to know how serious I am about you, Miller. Please never doubt that for one minute. So maybe we should think about putting on the brakes... for now?”

“Oh hell no!” Miller blurted out. He spun to face Holt, scanning his eyes for some sign he was kidding. Did he really just build him up to a fever pitch and intend to let him burn in misery? Oh please God, no.
Holt seemed too serious for his taste. He had to do something about this. Quick, change the subject. Or just change his mind.

“Holt, I’m all yours,” he swore, taking a half step toward him, which brought them chest to chest and cock to cock. “Look, we’re not exactly kids, and while I appreciate the sentiment...” He reached between them, pressing the palm of his hand against Holt’s hardness—wasn’t turnabout considered fair play? “I see no reason why we can’t still do the whole courtship thing... by the book, by the numbers, by your leave... any damn way you want to do it...just as long as it gets done.” He began to rub against Holt in earnest, felt the moans that shook the other man’s body. “But there’s no reason to give this up. Is there?”

He dared a glance into Holt’s eyes, wondering what he’d find there. Annoyance? Disappointment? Anger? No, what he saw was approbation. And agreement. He also felt waves of desire emanate from his lover, marveling anew at the bond between them.

“No reason in the world,” Holt replied in a lust-laden voice. “But if you don’t stop that now, we’ll never make it back to the hotel, I’m afraid.”

Miller could accept that. He could wait just a little while, knowing that it would happen. Anticipation wasn’t a bad thing. Quite the contrary, it was the most delicious form of foreplay. But, before he had to take a step back and let things cool down...

He reached for Holt’s head, pulled him down and kissed him long and hard. He was certainly growing bolder where Holt was concerned. More comfortable with their relationship. That kiss would have to do for now.


  1. Wonderful teasing snippet. Holt really has Miller going...can't wait to see what's in store for these two. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh God! They're going to tease each other to death! Or at least until they get to that room.