Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #3: The Belgian Chocolate Remedy

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday. I'm taking today's excerpt from my short story The Belgian Chocolate Remedy. The story is set in Lafayette, Indiana, where my daughter Katie lives. It's about not letting the things that happen get you down, and always remembering to live. Jesse was dumped by his lover, and has no interest in much of anything, so he goes to Lafayette at his friend Reggie's command. Milan is a chocolatier, left alone in Lafayette after a personal tragedy, and feeling unsure of the future and his ability to cope with it. Reggie has introduced the two, as she and Jesse work to help Milan prepare his candy for Lafayette's Pridefest. But Reggie is called away, leaving the two alone.

“This is your place, right?” Jesse encompassed the kitchen with his glance. He couldn’t help but feel a lot of love had gone into making this room the place it was. More than a kitchen, it was Milan’s haven.

“It is, yes. Mine.”

“When are you going to open, then? Reggie said you were going to open your candy store after Outfest, right?”

Milan paused in the act of retrieving a container of raisins from the refrigerator. It was a legitimate question. It’s what businesspeople did—they opened for business. So why was he so hesitant to set a date? Maybe because he didn’t see it ever happening without Ludolf’s guidance.

“I do not know,” he mumbled, setting the bowl on the table, not meeting Jesse’s eyes. “There is work that needs to be done, construction work and…and licenses…and I do not know what, I mean I just do not know…”

Jesse reached out his hand without thinking, but Milan had already turned away. Jesse’s heart ached for the other man—he sounded so alone, so lost. Jesse wanted to gather him up in his arms, comfort him, soothe him, stop his tears, and end his pain. And yes, he wanted to get naked with him, too—to touch him, feel him, and lose himself in Milan. He wanted to taste his lips and take away his misery.

His feet moved as though his thoughts had manifested themselves into action. His fingers brushed across the top of the table as he edged around it, toward Milan. He had no clear purpose, he simply needed to be closer to him. 

Blurb:  Milan, a Belgian chocolatier, has lost his beloved brother. Yet life goes on, and he must ready his booth for Outfest—Ludolf would have wanted him to carry on. Jesse is a rudderless soul, unable to cope with the rejection of his lover. He comes to Lafayette, Indiana at the request of his best friend, Reggie. She inveigles him into helping her friend Milan… a way to pass the time, or something more?

The Belgian Chocolate Remedy is available at MuseitUp Publishing, Amazon, and ARe.  Now, don't forget to follow the rest of the hop here!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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  1. Nice excerpt, Julie. Thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday.