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Guest Blogger M.A. Church

By now, M.A. Church should be a familiar face, right? Not surprising! She's both a friend and a fellow
author and she's my co-author for the Moonlit Skies series. Today she's talking about the third book in her Gods series with Dreamspinner. And before we get to that, I was lucky enough to interview Morpheus, from Pure! How lucky can one person get? Well, get yourself a drink, fasten your seatbelt, and let's see what the God of Dreams has to say.But first, I'm going to find us something worthy of the gods to drink!

Interview with Mo

Ah, the things I do for my readers! Today, I have packed my bags and traveled across the country for an interview with a god. Yes, you heard me correctly. I’m interviewing one of the gods. Morpheus, to be precise, the god of dreams. He’s also known as Mo. And he’s one of the stars of M.A. Church’s series, The Gods, at Dreamspinner Press.

But I digress.

Here I am in Las Vegas. Ironic, as I don’t gamble. Mo has sent me the address of the Palms, and the mini-penthouse where he and Zygi live. I find a cabby who seems very friendly, and only two hours later, here I am, knocking on the door, running over various salutations in my head. How does one address a god? Hello god seems too informal, Mr. God too inane. Dear God, maybe? Or your godness?

I suspect he’ll let me know. I lift my hand to knock again when the door opens, almost of its own volition.
Mo:  Well hello, Ms. Julie! Come on in. *blush* Hope you don’t mind, but Zygi’s making cookies. We thought you might like something to eat while we do this.

Isn’t he so sweet? I enter this fabulous place, but I barely notice the trappings. My attention is focused on this most ungodlike man before me.

“Of course I don’t’ mind. Cookies?” I take an appreciative sniff. Something good is indeed wafting from what I presume is the kitchen. “Do I smell chocolate?” I dare to hope before turning my attention back to my host. “Um, do you mind if I call you Mo?” I ask on impulse. It seems the natural thing to do. I have to confess, I thought he would be bigger, perhaps because the image of most of the gods is that of very muscled men.

Mo: Of course, I don’t mind! Everyone calls me Mo. Good grief, Zeus would not be happy if folks were calling me by my real name. Besides, I like Mo. That’s what Zygi calls me. And speaking of my mate, he’s making chocolate chip cookies for us to nibble on while we talk. Hope that’s okay. He said he was in the mood for something sweet. He’s teaching me to cook, did you know that?

“No, I didn’t know that. I love to cook myself. I hope you enjoy it.” I reach into my purse and pull out my voice recorder. “Mind if I use this? It’s a lot easier than taking notes. And certainly more reliable than my memory.” I laugh.  “Just tell me where you want me to go and where you want to do this? Did I say thank you for allowing me to interview you? Especially on such short notice. Michelle’s so busy and I have so much going on, it’s sometimes hard to coordinate our schedules.” I glance around me as I speak. “Your home is very lovely. So’s the whole hotel, for that matter.”

Mo: *blush* Zygi’s method of teaching me to cook is… very fun. And I don’t mind if you use a voice recorder. Whatever’s easiest for you, and thank you. This was Zygi’s place but I’ve made a few improvements’ since I moved in. *looks around* Well, I guess we could sit right here at the bar. I’m ah… I don’t really understand that first part. Am I supposed to tell you to go somewhere?

I see that Mo takes things very literally. I’ll have to watch what I say. “I just meant where do you want me to park... I mean sit?” I offer him a smile, as I plant myself on one of the barstools. And set the voice recorder before me, turning it out.  “I’m guessing Vegas is a far cry from Mount Olympus. Tell us how you ended up here?”

Mo: I came to visit Cupid. *grin* Well okay, I did have a reason for the visit. I’d found Zygi in his dreams and wanted to meet him. I knew he was my mate. Since Zygi’s friends with Cupid’s mate—Cupid goes by Cam in human form—I figured this was the best way. Cam did introduce me to Zygi after I told him there was a human I was interested in. Cam also helped me learn to act more human. Outside of dreams, I didn’t have much interaction with humans. *shrugs* Sometimes I still don’t understand all their slang. And let’s be honest, Zygi’s an intimidating man, among other things.

I can’t help but release a sigh. “That’s so romantic. I mean, knowing who your mate is, and everything. I wish it was that easy for humans. I don’t suppose you have any unattached gods running around looking for a mate?” I can’t believe I just said that. I clear my throat and start again. “How does this mate thing work? Is it like a visible red string that literally ties you to that special someone? Or is it a feeling in your heart when you find that certain person, or what?”

Mo: *laughs* I don’t think you’d be interested in most of the gods. They tend to be a little arrogant and self-centered. Some, like Ares, can truly be a pain in the ass.

Knowing who your mate is… It’s like this feeling comes over you—there’s this sense of rightness. Once you see that person, no one else attracts you. They are the only one for you. There’s this need to be near them, always. That part of you that’s always searching is finally settled. *shrug* You just know. *bounces a little on the bar stool* Oh good! Zygi is done with the cookies. *sigh* Isn’t he just the greatest?

Zygi? This is Ms. Julie. She’s doing the interview. Ms. Julie? This is my mate, Zygi.

Zygi: *nods to Ms. Julie* Nice to meet you. Hope you like chocolate chip cookies. Would you like something to drink with that?

Mo: *big grin* What about milk? That’s really good with cookies! I like to dip the cookie in the milk then eat them.

Zygi: And he makes a big mess every time. *winks at Mo* Of course, I enjoy cleaning my boy up too. Now that’s fun.

I can’t help it. My mind goes places it probably shouldn’t, but Hell, he said it, how can I not think it? And after all, it’s what I do, write about men in love. Naked men in love. Oh my. I barely keep myself from asking can I watch, but I do.

Instead, I demurely reply, “I’m sure it is. Milk would be wonderful. My daughter and I drink it with every meal. It’s nice to meet you, Zygi. Thanks for letting me come here today. And for the record, I love chocolate chip cookies. I take it you agree with what Mo was saying about knowing your mate. Did you feel the same way first time you saw Mo?”

Zygi: *takes a cookie and bites into it* I was attracted to him, very much so. I was actually surprised when I felt the urge to… You do know that I’m a Dom, right? That Mo is my submissive? This doesn’t come as a shock to you, I hope.

Anyway, I wanted to see my collar on him, which surprised me. I hadn’t felt that way for a long time. But no, I didn’t know about this mate stuff or that he was a god. And the way I found out wasn’t exactly… Well, let’s just say I wasn’t happy with the situation.

Mo: Ha! That’s an understatement.

Zygi: You’re right. *takes Mo’s hand* But Cam talked to me and I begin to see things in a different light.

Mo: *looks at Ms. Julie* Zygi and Cam are both… shall we say… strong-willed. *nibbles on a cookie*

Zygi: More like Cam’s a smartass. *snort* You humans have no idea what a smartass he is, but I sure found out. But, to be fair, the things he said… I deserved. And it got my attention.

“Oh yes,” I hasten to assure him. “Michelle told me, so no, it’s not a shock. I’ve learned a lot since I became friends with her, actually. What exactly does it mean to want someone to wear your collar? Is it like a mark of ownership, or something? And I mean in a good way? Are there bad doms and good doms? How do you know if you’re a dom or a sub? I mean, are there signs? Can you switch? Have you ever wanted to switch? I hope I’m not asking too many questions.”

Zygi: Well yes, it’s a mark of ownership but also visible proof that Mo is mine. To other Dom’s it’s warning that this sub is taken. I think subs also like having that collar, that mark of ownership.

Mo: *fiddles with his collar* Yes. I like that people can see it and those that know what it means, know I belong to someone.

Zygi: And of course there are bad Dom’s just like there are bad people in the world. I knew early on that I was a Dom. I like the power play, the sense of making someone submit to me. And no, I don’t switch. Never wanted to.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but being a Dom isn’t an indication of strength and power, per se, is it? Just as being a submissive isn’t about being weak? I mean, look at Mo. He’s a god, for God’s sake. No pun intended,” I hastily add. “So I would think a good Dom would make his sub feel protected and loved, but they would be equal in one another’s eyes. Do I have that right?” I look between the two men, and I can’t help but feel the love between them. It’s very heartwarming.

Zygi: To be honest, the sub is the one with the power. Everything revolves around him and his needs. Not all subs are in a steady relationship, so love isn’t part of that.

Mo: But we are and being loved is very much part of what we do. I do feel protected, but I’m also capable of taking care of myself. Zygi gives me what I need, and part of that is his love.

Zygi: And my hand to his ass when I think he needs it too.

Mo: *blush* Sometimes that feels really good. Other times, not so much. *dips a cookie in his milk*

Zygi: *checks watch* Hate to say it, but we need to wrap this up. We’re meeting Jeff and Cam later at Rain.
I finish the cookie in my hand and reach for another. I can’t seem to help myself, they are delicious. And the milk tastes great with them, just like Zygi said. “So ultimately it’s a matter of respect for one another? About setting and maintaining agreed boundaries, and working together at the relationship? Do you have any words of advice for potential partners, particularly doms and subs?”

Zygi: Just be careful and make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Mo: And always let someone you trust know where you are if it’s a new person you’re playing with. Thanks, Ms. Julie. I’ve really enjoyed this. *stands*

Zygi: You’re welcome any time, too.

I turn off my recorder and place it back in my purse, before hugging Mo and Zygi good-bye. “Thanks very much for all your help. And if you’re ever in St. Louis, look me up. Or if you’re in Atlanta in October, you’ll find me and Michelle there, at GRL. I think you’d have fun.

I take my leave, heading down the elevator. I resist stopping in to the casino, but the temptation is there. As I’m going through the lobby, a blond catches my eye, the sort you could never miss, not in a crowd. He gives me a wink and a nod, but before I can respond, he’s gone. I smile to myself as I leave the hotel and jump into the nearest cab. “Airport, please.” I lean back in the seat and relax. It’s been a good day.

Morpheus, god of dreams
Hey, everyone! Pure is the final book in The Gods series and will be released June 12th by Dreamspinner. This is a series about love, gods, and the issues all three couples in it face.
Book three is about Zygi and Mo, otherwise known as Morpheus, god of dreams. Zygi is a dom who is tired of the endless scenes. Mo is a sweet, shy god who wants nothing more than to be loved for who he is.
While the couple battle through several issues, there are Zeus and Ares, both of whom have their own reasons to break up the couple … and things come to a head in the worst way. Can Zygi accept the god of dreams? Or will he turn his back on the lovable Morpheus?

According to Greek mythology, who was Morpheus?
Morpheus was one of the primeval gods, descended from Nyx, the dark goddess of night who was the mother of everything mysterious and anything that was inexplicable—such as death, disease, dreams, ghosts, dreams, witchcraft, and enchantments. The drug Morphine which, as a side effect, can cause hallucinations, was named after Morpheus. Morpheus was the eldest son of Hypnos, the God of sleep. Morpheus had the ability to take on the appearance of a mortal in dreams. He was the god who relayed messages from the gods and prophecies of the future.

Symbols of Morpheus
The symbols of Morpheus were wings and poppies. These are often featured in depictions of the god of dreams. According to Greek mythology, there was a garden of poppies at the entrance of his palace in the Underworld. Poppies symbolized death, eternal sleep, and oblivion. The hypnotic properties of the poppy plant have long been used to treat insomnia, allowing sleep to people who have trouble sleeping.

Zygi Wyatt is an intimidating dom, but he yearns for love just like the next man. However, finding a partner who isn’t scared of his size is no easy task. The easygoing Mo seems like the answer to his prayers.
Love is the stuff of dreams. Ask the god Morpheus—he knows all about it. Mo wants Zygi in a forever kind of way, but he has to be sure of Zygi’s love before he claims him for his mate and reveals his true self.
Unfortunately, Zeus is growing increasingly unhappy with Morpheus, and Ares is determined to throw a monkey wrench into everything. Zygi and Mo will have to brave the wrath of the gods to make their dreams come true.

“Zygi.” Mo was breathing heavily. “Can we go, please?”
“Where do you want to go?”
Heavy-eyed and breathless, Mo struggled to speak. “My place, your place—I don’t care. I just want to go… somewhere private. Can we go to your home? Can we do that?”
“Look at me,” Zygi demanded, his voice low. “What exactly are you saying? I need to be absolutely sure I know what you want. Are you asking me to take you to bed?”
“I—I… can we just play? Explore some more? Please?”
“But not go all the way, right? You’re not ready to fuck.”
Mo wanted to beat his head against the thick ice table. He couldn’t go to bed with Zygi until the man knew who Mo was. He wouldn’t give his virginity to anyone but his mate. Zygi had to know, to understand that, before Mo went to bed with him. Zygi would need to claim him when he made love to him that first time. He needed Zygi to look in his eyes and say the words “mine” as his dick traveled up his channel.
“I’m sorry, Zygi, I’m not—I’m not ready, yet. But I want you to take me to bed, that awesome bed of yours, and play.”
Zygi set a new record getting their heavy coats off and pulling Mo out of the bar. Mo was impressed. He had no idea such a big man could move so fast. In no time flat, Zygi had him in his truck, buckled in, and on the way to the casino. The drive was silent except for a few moans from Mo. Once Zygi parked, Mo scrambled out of the truck. Zygi waited for him, and they walked to the elevator together. As soon as the door slid shut, Zygi pulled the remote from his pocket and held it up for Mo to see. Zygi made Mo watch as the remote was switched on low again. With a soft gasp, Mo grabbed hold of the railing and shot Zygi a desperate look.
Zygi kept the vibrations on low so Mo could handle it, but Mo still watched the floors change with an urgency that had Zygi chuckling. After a few seconds, he shut the plug off, and Mo sighed. As soon as they were through the front door of his penthouse, Zygi guided Mo straight back to the bedroom with a persistent hand to his back. As they walked through the bedroom door, Zygi turned the plug on to a higher setting.
“You remember your safewords?”
“Aaah, yes. ‘Yellow’ to slow down and ‘red’ to stop.” Mo jerked from the vibrations.
“Right. Use them only if you need to.” Zygi laid the remote on a nearby table. “Strip, now.”

Author bio: M.A. Church
M.A. Church lives in the southern United States and spent many years in the elementary education sector. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two children. Her hobbies are gardening, walking, attending flea markets, watching professional football, racing, and spending time with her family on the lake.
But her most beloved hobby is reading. From an early age, she can remember hunting for books at the library. Later nonhuman and science fiction genres captured her attention and drew her into the worlds the authors had created. But always at the back of her mind was the thought that one day, when the kids were older and she had more time, she would write a book.
By sheer chance she stumbled across a gay male romance story on the web and was hooked. A new world opened up and she fell in love. Thus the journey started. When not writing or researching, she enjoys reading the latest erotic and mainstream romance novels.

My links:
Twitter @nomoretears00

A pleasure, as always, Michelle! Come back again soon!

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