Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday 1-27-13

This is the last Six Sentence Sunday, at least until someone else picks it up and runs with it. I hope someone does. But until that happens, we'll have to go under the assumption that this is the last one. So I am going to use another six sentences from my upcoming release, Revelations, which comes out February 8th, and is available for pre-order here.  If you want to see the other six sentence authors, you can go here.  In this scene, it's Judas and Jesus, and Judas is being castigated for his language. Enjoy!

           “Goddammit, Jesus…”

            “Please don't take the name of my father in vain…”
            His words are serious, but his eyes twinkle. How many times is he going to say that to me, how many times has he already said it, knowing how very much I hate it? And yet I gaze into those soulful dark eyes—so inky, inkier than the darkest night sky I’ve ever seen, which is saying something as I’ve seen quite a few in my time…times…whatever— and I drown in their liquid depths once again. That voice—a silken purr that wraps me around his fingers in the most complicated geometric progressions; like a human cat’s cradle he manipulates my soul with consummate skill. 

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