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Guest Blogger Michael Rupured

Happy Monday one and all! I have recently become acquainted with Dreamspinner author Michael Rupured, who has just released Until Thanksgiving with them. I find Michael to be a very delightful and charming fellow (and he's single guys, how awesome is that? Too bad for me I don't fill the requirements, or I'd be on this!). I talked Michael into answering my infamous Rick Reed questions, so that's what we'll do first. And then he'll tell us about his book (which I own and look forward to reading!) Michael, please start, while I get us something to get our hearts started, okay? Hope you like lattes!

Edit: I'm doing triple duty today! Besides enjoying Michael's company here, I've got Lucifer with me at my friend Nephy's blog, talking about Revelations, and I'm at the IRM blog, talking about chocolate, and The Belgian Chocolate Remedy (and having a contest!)

Thanks, Julie, for inviting me to talk about my first novel, Until Thanksgiving, now available from Dreamspinner Press. I’ve included an excerpt and the blurb, below, but first, let me answer the questions you sent.
1)      You’re marooned on a small island with one person and one item of your choice—who is that person and what item do you have?

That’s easy. The person would be William Levy, who I’d never heard of until his run on Dancing With the Stars. Now I can’t stop thinking about him. The item would be Toodles, my six-pound long-haired chihuahua. She completes me.

   2)   Which musical would you say best exemplifies your life – and which character in that musical are you?

Okay, that’s a bit harder. I’d have to say Maria, in West Side Story, because I always feel pretty and charming and gay.

   3)   Take these three words and give me a 100 word or less scenario using them:  combination, broadcast, closer

He rolled the tumbler, leaning in closer, listening for the click that would broadcast he’d finally reached the last number of the combination. And I have 77 words left.

4)      You’ve just been let loose in the world of fiction, with permission to do anyone you want. Who do you fuck first and why?

Tarzan. In my mind’s eye he looks like Ron Ely—the actor who played him on the television show back in the sixties. I didn’t know I was gay at the time, but the image of him in that little loincloth has been seared in my memory for all these years. I think maybe he was the first guy I ever lusted after. I’d do Michael DeLuca in Until Thanksgiving, too. I imagined him as a guy with all the bells and whistles that float my boat.

   5)    What is your idea of how to spend romantic time with your significant other?

Well, at the moment, I find myself between my fourth and fifth husband, a man I haven’t yet met. At least, not as far as I know. If any of your readers think they know him or that they might even be him, my contact info is below. Act fast—I’ve never been single for more than a year, and it’s already been three months.

6)      When you start a new story, do you begin with a character, or a plot?

Hmmmm. You ask some really tough questions! I can start out with either, but usually have a vague idea about both. Neither is very well defined until I get a page or so into the outline. They kind of grow together. And yes, now I outline. I haven’t always—Until Thanksgiving came together one chapter at a time. Adding a bullet point or some detail to an outline is a lot easier than revising a finished chapter.

7)      If they were to make the story of your life into a movie, who should play you?

I’ve always said any movie about my life must be a musical. Nothing else makes sense. By the time I could talk, I’d watched so many musicals that I felt cheated when I went out and nobody burst into song. So with that in mind, the best person to play me in a movie about my life would be Adam Lambert.

8)      Who’s your favorite horror villain and why?

What does it say about me that this was the hardest question to answer? After I drew a blank, I Googled “best horror villains” then looked over half a dozen different lists and still came up empty handed. I skipped the question and came back to it with the same result. I’m going with Dracula, the grandfather of the horror genre.

9)      Do you have an historical crush and if so, who is it?

Cary Grant is the hottest man that ever lived.

   10) Is there a story that you’d like to tell but you think the world isn’t ready to receive it?

I might have thought so, once upon a time. Now I know better. Sure, there are lots of people out there who aren’t ready for m/m romance or paranormal fantasies. But the world, for the most part, embraces a good story, even if everyone isn’t ready for it—and judging from some of what’s popular, it doesn’t even have to be that good.

Your readers can find me at my blog (, on Twitter (@crotchetyman), or the Dreamspinner Press site ( Hot men wishing to vie for my attention and others with a desire to say hello can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!


Josh Freeman knows his best days are behind him. After his partner of seventeen years has an affair with a younger man, Josh buries himself in takeout boxes, half-smoked joints, and self-pity until his best friend gently kicks him in the ass and encourages him to try out a new job in Washington DC—at least until Thanksgiving.

Though DC has its share of troubles, specifically in the form of a murderer targeting gay men, Josh soon discovers its charms as well. Unlike his old home, DC is crawling with men who want to date him—apparently he's not as overweight, out of shape, or over the hill as the man he once loved made him believe. In particular, Josh would love a chance with relocation expert Thad Parker, but Josh is sure Thad is seeing someone, so he looks for love elsewhere. He tells himself he and Thad don't have anything in common anyway.

Then Josh learns Thad really is available. Maybe they can work it out after all. Suddenly the future seems bright again. Of course, Josh doesn't know he's the murderer's next target....


Josh Freeman left the Bar Complex well before last call. Except for the hustlers that prowled the streets behind Lexington’s one and only gay bar, nobody noticed him leaving. A rough-looking kid in a tank top and jeans sized him up and walked toward him.
“Looking for some company?”
“No, thanks.” Josh kept walking. The gravel crunching under his Justin Ropers didn’t cover the laughter the boy got from the other hustlers. Josh wasn’t hard up enough to pay for sex. Yet. The cold shoulders at the bar had been bad enough.
He unlocked his red Toyota Celica. Gay life in Lexington, Kentucky, had changed. The bar crowd that evening was nothing like the good old days, when the place overflowed with good-looking, readily available men—before AIDS and the siren call of gay meccas like Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York. That school was out for the summer didn’t help. The class of ’97 had moved on, and the class of 2001 hadn’t yet come to town.
Going to the Bar had been a mistake. Josh hadn’t talked to anyone and nobody had talked to him. He wasn’t surprised. Unless he needed help crossing the street or had fallen and couldn’t get up, the college boys shaking their stuff on the dance floor had no cause to talk to him.
He started the car and headed to Jerry’s Restaurant for a late-night snack, smoking the rest of the joint he’d left in the ashtray. Smoking pot kept him from feeling so lonely. These days, he smoked so much he didn’t really feel anything.
“Table for one?” asked the waitress, chomping her gum and tugging on a severely strained bra strap.
“Table for one” sounded like a life sentence. Absent enough money to justify the sugar daddy label, he had slim to no chance of finding another lover.
“Here ya go, darlin’.” The waitress plunked down a food-stained menu and a glass of water. “Can I get ya some coffee or something to drink?”
“Water is fine, thanks.”
“Ready to order or do ya need a few minutes?”
“I can order. I’d like a J-Boy plate.”
“Sure. I’ll be right back out with that for ya, darlin’.”
A tiny spark of hope still glimmered, enough to get Josh off the couch earlier that evening and into the shower. By ten o’clock, he’d whipped his hair into a look, fingered through some gel, squeezed into his best jeans, and donned a Polo golf shirt for a solo night out on the town.
The waitress returned with his food, interrupting his thoughts. She set the burger, coleslaw, and mountain of crinkle-cut fries down in front of him. “Ya gonna save some room for hot fudge cake?”
Josh was tempted to say yes. He could eat whatever he wanted now. What difference would it make if he got big as a house?
“No, thanks. I’ll be doing good to eat this.”
“Well, just let me know if ya change your mind.” She left the check on the table and headed to the hostess stand to seat a group of punk rockers that had just arrived.
Josh glanced at his watch and noticed it was after one o’clock. The bars had closed, and a line waiting for tables had formed just inside the door. He wolfed down the rest of the burger, finished off the slaw, and made a noticeable dent in the mountain of fries. After leaving two bucks on the table for the waitress, he picked up the check, settled with the cashier, and returned to his car.
The J-Boy plate had filled him up, but left him feeling just as empty as before. Instead of going home where he belonged, Josh headed for the bookstore.
He parked under the trees at the very back of the parking lot, smoking a cigarette and watching guys coming and going through the bookstore’s rear entrance. A steady stream of cars cruised slowly through the parking lot. Now and then the cars paired up, driver’s side to driver’s side, for quick conversations. If the drivers connected, a two-car convoy headed to a secret rendezvous for a hookup. More often, both cars returned to the parade circling the bookstore in search of a hot encounter.
After seventeen years with Ben Dixon, Josh was single. It wasn’t his fault. He’d done everything right. The idea of cheating never even occurred to him. As far as Josh was concerned, once you decided to move in together, death was the only way out.
He thought Ben agreed. In a way, he did. Ben didn’t want the relationship to end, either. Not the relationship with Josh or the relationship Ben had on the side with his coworker, twenty-five-year-old David Hicks. That Josh considered David to be a good friend added insult to injury. In one fell swoop, he’d lost two of the most important people in his life.
Oh well, Ben is history. No more lies. No more worrying about what’s going on behind my back.
But the absence of gnawing paranoia was a small comfort in the face of reality. Josh knew his best chance for finding the love of his life was now behind him. Downhill was the only direction left for a single, middle-aged gay man.
He locked his car and made for the rear door of the bookstore. When he crossed the threshold, the scent of Pine-Sol punched him in the nose. There wasn’t enough cleanser in the world to cover the smell of all the sex that went on in the cubicles making up the dim back half of the store. The brightly lit front of the establishment featured dirty magazines, an eclectic collection of pornographic videos for sale or rent, and a wall of dongs, dildos, and other sex-related paraphernalia.
A dozen small cubicles with coin-operated video players featured an assortment of porn. Scattered throughout the dark maze connecting all the cubicles lurked maybe a dozen horned-up men. Some were married and popped into the booths for the blowjobs their wives refused to deliver. Most of the rest were there to oblige. The way they leered made Josh uncomfortable.
Never a lurker, Josh stepped into a cubicle and dropped some quarters in the slot to watch some gay porn. On the screen, an obviously bored African-American plowed the ass of a homely white dude who tried to act like it hurt. Neither performer was likely to win any acting awards. Josh pushed the button and the scene changed to a blond frat-boy type blowing a hairy, muscular white guy.
Fearing what he might sit in, Josh ignored the wooden bench seat and remained standing. The black plywood walls of the booth were riddled with holes of various sizes, none part of the original construction. Smaller holes allowed for spying on the action in the neighboring cubicle. Larger openings served more illicit purposes. Every few years, the police raided the place and the owner would board up all the holes. New holes reappeared in days.
Watching the action on the little screen gave Josh a hard-on. When a finger appeared through a baseball-sized opening on the right side of the booth, beckoning, he figured what the heck. Getting off was getting off. He went over, lowered his pants to his knees, and stuck his cock through the hole into the warm, wet mouth waiting on the other side.
Josh concentrated on the video, imagining the frat boy sucking his dick instead of one of the leering men he’d seen outside the cubicle. He dropped more quarters in the slot, then focused on the video and the mouth milking him through the glory hole. Soon Josh was pounding the wall with his hips. The sound attracted bystanders to the holes in surrounding cubicles to see what the noise was all about.
Josh felt the beginning of his climax tingling in his balls and groaned. The hot mouth working urgently on his throbbing cock quickly produced the desired result. On still trembling legs, Josh zipped up his pants and headed home to his empty bed.

Thank you so much for being here, Michael!  Please come again!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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