Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blue Ridge Fear Review

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Blue Ridge Fear
Author: Robin Weaver
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
American release date: October 22, 2012
Format/Genre/Length: Paperback/ Mystery Romance/318 pages
Overall Personal Rating: ★★★★

Sienna Sanders finds herself in an untenable position when her Uncle Jake jointly leaves her and her cousin Bethany the cabin on Blue Ridge, with the stipulation that they must both occupy it for a period of one year. And if either of them is absent more than the specified number of days, they both forfeit it. Unfortunately, Sienna has little choice—and less liking—in the matter, as her vindictive ex has made it impossible for her to stay in Atlanta. He’s also cost her a job and caused her to become financially strapped. Where else can she go? She and Bethany have never really been close. Can she tolerate a year with the selfish girl? Especially if there’s a serial killer loose in the area who has a penchant for blue-eyed blondes?


While hiking together in the Gorge, Sienna has an accident and is forced to send the ditzy Bethany for help. As she awaits her cousin’s return, the most gorgeous man just happens along, her own personal knight in shining white armor. His name is Carson and he’s more than willing to help her, and Sienna certainly wants him to. But when Bethany returns, with two park rangers in tow, her savior disappears, much to Sienna’s dismay.

Anton and Lars are the rangers in question. It comes as no surprise that Lars, a big burly blond, is attracted to Bethany. Unfortunately, the attractive Anton is married. They manage to get her and her sprained ankle home, and Lars stays to flirt with Bethany. Later, Sienna runs into Carson again—her handsome stranger from the gorge—outside of her cabin. To her surprise she learns he’s staying in the cabin next door. He warns her how dangerous it is out there for women who look like her and to be careful.

The next morning, a disgruntled Sienna, unable to find nourishment in the cabin, decides to go out, taking up Carson on his invitation. She hobbles to his cabin, only to find that the key is not where he said it would be. Irritated, she suddenly feels watched, and looks around, only to discover a man in camouflage who may or may not be watching her. And little does she realize that Carson is indeed inside the cabin and privy to the whole scene, as she makes her painful way up to the small restaurant just a little ways down the road.

Between her volatile and vain cousin’s fluctuating love life, Carson’s incredible disappearing and reappearing routine, the mysterious man in camo who appears on a too regular basis and seems to be watching her, and the serial killer who seems to be stalking and killing women in the area, Sienna doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. Being injured hasn’t helped her disposition any, and neither has falling in love with Carson. But is he really who he says he is?


Blue Ridge Fear is a top notch thriller, one that had me enthralled from the first page and kept me guessing. While I consider myself pretty good at figuring out who done it, Robin Weaver had me second-guessing my own guesses, and changing my theories on a regular basis. I did guess who the villain was, but I was bound to–I suspected everyone at one point or another!

Her characters feel real, and they ‘re well-constructed, especially Sienna and Carson. I felt sorry for Sienna, stuck with her vain and selfish cousin, in the middle of nowhere. And Carson had me from the word hello!

Ms. Weaver has a very easy to read style, very fluent. It sucks you in and keeps you turning the pages in rapid succession to get to the bottom of the mystery. Warning: consume at your own risk. This writer is addictive! I’ve read her fantasy before, but if this is what her mysteries are like, bring them on, please!

I think Blue Ridge Fear will appeal to men and women alike. A great book for the mystery lover in your life. Or a gift for yourself. A great book to curl up with, along with your favorite drink, in your favorite armchair.

Just remember to look behind you every once in a while…


  1. I am currently reading it now.....love it so far, Ms. Weaver is a very talented writer....I was hooked when she started to talk about Eye Candy and the setting being in the beautiful state of North Carolina mountains, it has mystery and fantasy.....it's a winner.

  2. I've read Blue Ridge Fear and gave it five stars. In addition to her skill with suspense, she's very skilled at communicating sexual tension. Plus I love the snarkiness that's part of her voice. A definite, fun read on all fronts.