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Guest Blogger Sara York

Today please welcome my friend, fellow author, and fellow Wednesday Briefer Sara York, who's going to tell you a little bit about the latest Bigger Briefs anthology. Have a seat, Sara, I'll make something to drink, and you can go ahead and start.

I love writing short stories. Recently the Wednesday Brief’s crew has taken to writing shorts. My first short experience with the Wednesday group was a twisted tale of another time when passions and emotions were suppressed by the government for hundreds of years before the government changed its mind and allowed the people to stop taking the drugs. The Passion Bringers were created to help people learn to feel. You can find Passion Bringers in Wicked Watchers: Looking at the Lads.

In Reluctant Romance: Guys and Guys my tale is a gut wrenching story of Brad and Rick who keep Missing Love. Of course the pain and agony of losing the one man Brad thought would bring him happiness is only soothed when Rick takes over.

The attraction and love in short stories may come about quickly, but there is no less emotion at play. Working in the emotions with small clues is paramount. I love getting my characters to that place, where they can’t help but tumble into a relationship. Where there is something so desperate, so amazing, or so devastating that they turn to another, maybe they see something different and bam, they are in love.

Love is one of those qualities the is so hard to know why it happens. Attraction happens. People try to pinpoint why two people are attracted to each other but it’s almost an incomprehensible quality that is hard to comprehend. The color of a person’s eyes, their hair color, the way they walk, all of it plays into attraction and falling in love.

Here’s a short excerpt of Missing Love

Missing Love

By Sara York

“Please, I’m begging you, don’t go.” Brad stumbled forward; his eyes stung from the tears he’d cried, his nose ran, and his head throbbed. Getting Rick back was the most important thing he’d ever do. Life would end without Rick. The guy was his all in all, his rock, his true love, and his world. They’d spent years together, had too many firsts together to even count. And yet Rick was walking away, ready to end their relationship, all because of a fight. Fuck, they’d fought like dogs for years, but they still loved each other.
“Brad, give it up. I’m done.” Rick stood across the room, ramrod straight, his mouth tilted down in a scowl. “You aren’t what I want anymore. I have other needs and you don’t fill the bill.”
“I don’t understand. Tell me what I did wrong.” Brad stumbled on his way to reach Rick; falling to his knees, he grasped onto Rick’s pants front. “Please.”
Rick brushed off Brad’s hold, his face flush, his eyes flashing with contempt. “You aren’t enough.”
“But what about our history together? We’ve been together for years. Doesn’t that mean anything?”
“Fuck Brad, I didn’t want to have to say it, but you’re giving me no choice. I’m seeing someone else. I’ve been fucking this guy for the last six months and quite frankly, he is so much better than you.”
Brad’s heart stopped and his vision dimmed. He tried to stand, but fell back onto the floor. He felt like he’d been hit by a truck, or a wrecking ball, and tossed on his ass then run over, again and again. Rick’s words tromped through his mind, destroying him, but he couldn’t make sense of them. “You what?”
“You heard me. I’m done with you. I’m fucking another guy. Okay. I’m moving in with him, it’s more than just fucking. I’m in love with him.”
Brad’s brain stalled and he sunk to the floor, unable to move. Unable to think, he sat like a lump and watched the only person he’d ever loved walk out of his life. The sun dipped below the horizon and Brad didn’t move. Darkness overtook the room, mirroring his heart. Dashed on the rocks and slammed by waves of pain he didn’t move, didn’t think; he just sat.
The doorbell rang, yet Brad ignored it. Pounding, more of the doorbell, and finally his phone, but Brad couldn’t respond. His whole world had shattered and if he moved he might fall apart, breaking into a million pieces, allowing the wind to carry him away like sand brushed into nothingness.
Night turned to day and his body rebelled against him. He ran in search of the bathroom. Lying next to the toilet after expelling every ounce left in his stomach from last evening, which wasn’t much, the emptiness threatened to overtake him. He struggled to the cabinet and pulled out the Swiss Army knife he’d had since he and Rick took their first camping trip together at the young age of eight. They’d been friends for so long, finally becoming lovers in their teens. The years flashed through Brad’s mind and he remembered each significant event. He cradled the knife in his hands, wondering where he’d gone wrong.
The doorbell started up again, then the phone. Someone yelled from his front porch and for a moment he thought of opening the knife, ending it all, but he couldn’t, not without trying to get Rick back.
Brad crawled to the entryway, grasped the handle and pulled the door open, half expecting to find Rick—knowing he wouldn’t be there, but wishing like hell his lover had come back to claim him. Of course that made no sense since Rick had a key. But the person at the door wasn’t Rick. Instead Thomas stood on the porch, his face red and his eyes narrowed. Brad sank to the floor, his back against the wall.
“Why didn’t you answer?” Thomas barged in, slamming the door behind him. He pulled Brad up off the floor. “For fuck’s sake, you stink like shit.”
Brad said nothing. He allowed Thomas to strip him down, soap him up in the shower, then dress him in sweats and a T-shirt. Brad didn’t resist, didn’t say anything, just did what Thomas asked and found himself in bed. The days blended together, Thomas always there, helping him get through the day, forcing him to go into work, forcing him to eat. Brad dropped twenty pounds and he looked like shit. He moved through life without living.
Six months after the breakup, when the fog finally lifted, he looked at himself in the mirror, wondering who stared back. He showered, dressed, and even shaved without Thomas telling him to. On his way into the kitchen, he ran into a bleary eyed Thomas leaving the guest room.

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Thanks for stopping by, Sara, and thanks for being a part of the group!

Until next time, take care!

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