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Guest Blogger Penny Estelle

Today my guest is author Penny Estelle. She's bravely answered my Rick Reed questions, and she's going to talk about some of her releases. Welcome her if you will, gather around, and I'll let her begin while I turn up the A/C and make some drinks!

Hi Julie and thanks for having me on your blog today.  First let me tell the nice folks that the books I have out are for the MG/tween age group, but hey, your readers might have kids, nephews or nieces – right?
Anywho, I am very excited to be visiting here today so, throw those questions my way, Julie.

1)      You’re marooned on a small island with one person and one item of your choice—who is that person and what item do you have?

I’m going with Tarzan.  He could easily find me food, keep me safe, swing me from tree to tree (of course this would have to be 30 years ago when I was a touch smaller), plus the guy was not a talker, so I could be in charge of all the conversations! 

As to my one item – a global satellite phone w/GPS tracking built in.  Eventually, even Tarzan would become a pain in the ass and somebody would have to come and get me.

Sidebar:  When I read the question to my hubby he asked, “Did you say I would be your person?”    I said, “Yeppers, honey – of course!”    
2)      Which musical would you say best exemplifies your life – and which character in that musical are you?
Well, we live in rural AZ out in the middle of nowhere so I’m going with Oklahoma  as they had no electricity either and I am Aunt Eller – the old broad!

3)      Take these three words and give me a 100 word or less scenario using them:  swallow, generous, mentally
I was mentally ready.  I would be generous tonight and finally give him what he wanted – what all men wanted.  We were celebrating our fiftieth anniversary.  He had taken a pill and called for me, excitement ringing in his voice.  I hurried in to see Clarence (my little pet name for his second brain) standing at attention, proudly waiting for his reward.  Before either of us could say whoopee, the fight went out of Clarence and he was done.
My hubby smirked, “Damn pill.”
I swallowed, walked over, and blew on poor Clarence.  “Happy Anniversary, Big Boy.”

4)      You’ve just been let loose in the world of fiction, with permission to do anyone you want. Who do you fuck first and why?
This is a no-brainer for me.  If you have ever read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books you will understand.  Ranger – hands down!  AND if I could have a second pick I’d give Joe Morelli a go!

5)      What is your idea of how to spend romantic time with your significant other?
If the world went according to Penny, we would be sitting in a restaurant with outside seating, looking at the ocean.  The sky would be streaked with pinks, grays, and blues as the sun dove toward the horizon.  We would be having steamed clams and a bottle of champagne.  Our feet covered in sand as the tide rushes to cover our ankles as we walk the beach back to our condo.

6)      When you start a new story, do you begin with a character, or a plot?
I always have to have some idea of a story line.  Once that is established I consider characters.

7)      If they were to make the story of your life into a movie, who should play you?
I would love to say somebody like Katherine Heigl cause she is just so darn cute OR Jane Seymour because she is the epitome of class, but chances are I would have to go with somebody like Melissa McCarthy of Mike and Molly - because she is funny, caring, but doesn’t take much crap from anybody!

8)      Who’s your favorite horror villain and why? 
This is a toughie…..Horror shows were not my thing.  The clown on Steven King’s It stayed with me for a long time!

9)      Do you have an historical crush and if so, who is it?
I loved Zorro…both Douglas Fairbanks AND of course Antonio Banderas

10)  Is there a story that you’d like to tell but you think the world isn’t ready to receive it?
There is a story I would love to do, but there are LOTS of politics in it.  That is a story I will do when it doesn’t matter if I lose some followers – LOL!
                                                     * * * *
Hike Up Devil’s Mountain – and adventure/fantasy about 3 boys who find their world turned upside down and their only hope lives on top of Devil’s Mountain.  The question is, will they survive the trip?
Create Space for Hike Up Devil’s Mountain – printed book

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare – a time travel adventure about Billy Cooper who is annoyed when an oral report is assigned and he already has a full weekend planned.  He figures a quick computer search will suffice and will be able to skate by on the assignment – that is until he meets his subject face to face in the 14th century.
A Float Down the Canal – Pam Simpson gets dumped on when her mom is called into work.  She must cancel her plans with her friends and baby-sit her brother and his friend and to make matters worse, her prissy cousin is coming over for her to entertain.  Her worst day ever turns into something very different and it starts with a float down the canal.

I can also be reached at  
@pennystales – twitter
Stop by anytime and say “Hi”!

Excerpt from Hike Up Devil’s Mountain

Jason was getting closer to Andy.  His voice hissed through his teeth.  “You must think we are some kind of stupid.  We aren’t like the hicks who live in this town and if you think we would even begin to believe some story about an old witch who lived here, then you better think again!”  Jason pushed Andy hard against the wooden cabinet.
            Andy shut his eyes waiting for the first blow.  Nothing happened.  He squinted open his left eye and saw Jason’s head cocked to one side, trying to see behind Andy’s back.  “What have you got there, Andy Pandy?”
            Uh oh, the glowing stick.  Andy wasn’t about to give that up.  “Nothing,” he told him, trying to back away but there was no place to go.
            “Oh I think there is something,” Jason sneered.
            “It’s mine!” Andy shouted.  “You will have to do your worst if you think you are taking this from me!”
“No problem,” Jason said, lunging forward.  Andy tried to fake him out, pretending to run one way and then the other.  That didn’t work.  That never worked!   Jason grabbed Andy’s arm that held the stick and tried to grab it.  Something was going to break, and Andy wasn’t sure if it would be the stick or his arm.  They both fell and were rolling on the floor.  Andy knew he was losing this battle.  No matter how hard he held on, he could feel his new-found treasure start to slip out of his grasp.
            “Jason, stop it!”  Danny shouted.  “You’re acting like a big dumb toad!”
            “Yeah…you’re … acting… like…a…toad!” Andy gasped between each word.
            The stick exploded into a flash of light and then the fight was over.  Andy jumped up, trying to fill his lungs with air.  What happened?  Danny came running over to where Andy stood.  “Where’s Jason?”  Andy couldn’t answer because he couldn’t catch his breath.  Danny yelled, “Jason, where are you?  Quit messing around!”
            His chest still heaving, Andy stammered, “I don’t know.  I . . . don’t know what just happened.” 
            They both looked to the floor.  Under one of the boxes was what looked like a pair of pants.  “Jason!” Danny hurried to lift the box.  No Jason — just his pants.  Lying close by were his nice Nike shoes, socks and a short distance away was his shirt.  “What did you do?” he yelled at Andy.
            “Nothing!  I didn’t do anything!  I . . . don’t know!”  Andy had no answers. 
            Danny tried again.  “Jason,” he screamed his name.  “Where are you?”

Excerpt from Float Down the Canal 

            Two hours later Pam, Candy, her brother Jimmy, and his friend Sean, headed out the back door.  Sean’s mouth had literally dropped open when Candy walked out in her new, two-piece bikini.  Pam was waiting for him to start stuttering and drooling.  “Close your mouth Sean before something flies in!”  Pam grumbled as she walked by him.  Nobody ever gawked at her in her one-piece suit.
            Pam led the way behind the garage where several inner tubes laid about.  Everyone grabbed one except for Candy.  She just stood, staring like some ninny.  “Grab a tube,” Pam said.
            “Why?” Candy asked.
            “We float down the canal on them until we reach the pool,” Pam explained patiently.
            Candy was dumbfounded.  “You’re joking, right?  The canal is so...icky.” 
            Here comes the helpless part, but Pam didn’t miss a beat.  “We’ll be home in a couple hours.  See ya then.”
            “I’ll stay home with you,” said the drooling Sean.
            Candy pushed the kid aside, grabbed a tube and ran after the others.  It was a ten-minute walk to the canal and the day was a scorcher.  Pam’s hair was plastered to the sides of her face from sweat, but Candy looked fresh as a daisy.  When they finally reached the canal everybody was ready to jump in just to cool off, everyone except Candy. 
            “Here’s how this works,” Pam started to explain.
“You can’t be serious about this?” Candy interrupted, “The water is green and yucky.  I can’t see the bottom!  Look,” she pointed to a stick floating by, “stuff is floating in the water!”

Excerpt from Billy Cooper's Awesome Nightmare

When the three arrived in Altdorf, they noticed a pole in the middle of the town with a hat on top of it.  A guard drew his sword, stating, “That is the Governor’s hat!  All who pass must bow down and pay homage.”
William slowly pushed his son behind him.  “This is the first I have heard of this order, but it makes no difference.  I willingly bow to my God, but I will never show reverence to an empty hat!”
The guard, seeing the Governor arriving on horseback, puffed out his chest and shouted, “You have disobeyed Governor Gessler’s command so now you must pay the penalty of imprisonment or death!”
Billy jumped between the guard and William Tell. “Whoa, whoa.  Give us a second here,
your guardship.”  Billy turned to William, “Dude, it’s a hat….a stupid hat.  Really?  Go to jail?  You don’t even have to bow all the way,” he whispered, “just bend a little and call the guy a jerk under your breath.”
“I am a free man.  I will not bow to a hat!” William stated loudly.
A booming voice rang out behind them.  “Your disrespect for me will not be tolerated and you will be punished!”
William turned to see the Governor and several guardsmen behind them.  “We do not live in Altdorf.  I knew nothing of your proclamation.  Still, you expect people to bow down to an empty hat?”
“Oh crap,” Billy muttered.
“What is your name?” Gessler asked.
“William Tell.”

Thanks for stopping by, Penny, be sure and come back now, y'hear?

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie


  1. A fun interview, Penny. I enjoyed reading your answers. You are sure quick witted. When I get questions like that, I feel like I'm taking a pop quiz and freeze.

    The books sound wonderful, and yes, would make wonderful gifts for the youngin's in the family.
    After I read them first, of course.

    Good luck.

    1. Good morning Lorrie and thanks for stopping and leaving a comment! This is my first with these kind of questions so they were a challenge for me. It was fun visiting with Julie.

      thanks again for stopping - I appreciate it!

  2. Julie - thank you so much for having me. You have a great website!