Friday, March 2, 2012

Winners and a new release!

As promised, here are the winners of my Backlist Friday contest. I decided to pick two. Congratulations to Debby and PaParanormal Fan! I'll be getting in touch with you both!

Yesterday, the third installment of my Forbidden series released. Let me tell you a bit about it.

Blurb:   Jerico’s wish to be alone with sexy Father Sergio comes true when an unexpected storm traps them in a farm on their journey to Sanctum. Jerico lays his plans for a night of seduction, while Sergio’s assistant, Valencia, is left to explain to a very wealthy and influential man why his son isn’t where he should be.
Things are heating up out on the farm, and they promise to get even hotter…


“How will you see where you’re going?” Sergio asked. The question was practical, but Jerico was way ahead of the priest.

“Couldn’t you guide me?”  Jerico tried to make the request guileless but figured by the look on Sergio’s face that he hadn’t been successful. Oh well.

“Come on, let’s do this.” Sergio took Jerico’s wrist in a strong grip. Jerico practically lit up inside at his touch.

“Let’s go,” he agreed, and followed the priest from the house. He heard Sergio shut the door behind them. Keeping his head down as instructed, he held the blankets tightly against his body. Sergio led him down the steps and across the yard. The rain fell in a steady deluge.

“God’s wrath,” Jerico murmured.

The listing van loomed in the darkness.  Head down and eyes focused on the muddy ground, he caught a glimpse of the ruined tires outlined in silhouette when a streak of lightning lit the area. He blessed Mother Nature and the priest’s apparent inability to perform routine vehicle repairs. Jerico had never had that problem. Not like he knew one end of a wrench from the other, or anything else having to do with his car.  The James Family employed a mechanic, and when that gentleman asked a few too many questions, Jerico found a mechanic of his own. Hopefully, he’d be back behind the wheel and home before he needed to learn any new skills.

Sergio’s grip was firm and comforting, despite the drizzle that engulfed them. All too soon, they quickly traversed the distance between the house and the barn. One moment they were in the rain, the next they were inside the darkened structure. It smelled suspiciously like wet wood. Jerico sneezed. Sergio released his hand to his disappointment and closed the door.

“Bless you.”

Jerico sneezed again and sniffled. What was that smell? He glanced warily about him, but that didn’t help. The lantern had its limits, one of them being a small range of visibility, but it was better than complete darkness. Noises outside the circle of light startled him so badly he almost ran right back out into the storm. What the hell was in here with them?

As if reading his mind, Sergio supplied the answer. “Their animals.”

“They have animals?”

Sergio’s laughter traveled straight down Jerico’s spine to his cock.

If you want to read more, Unexpected Storm: Forbidden 3 is now available!

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