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Wednesday Briefs: Dallas in Wonderland 18

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Briefs, brought to you by us, the authors, aka the Wednesday Briefers! We hope  you're enjoying reading our flash fiction as much as we're enjoying writing it!

This week we have a Guest Prompt Diva - Nephy!  Her prompt this week's was:....  Take your hands off him! Alternative prompts were:  I cry when I hear that music because....Or Use a gravestone, a popsicle and a pair of feathered slippers. Or There was just something about... that made me want to hide under a blanket  Or  What do you want from me? Don't forget to check out the other Briefers, whose links follow my tale.

Dallas in Wonderland continues. Last week we saw Dr. Levi at the tail end of the sarabande shrimp. Will Dallas finally get his wish? How long will Samuel stay this time? Find out in Chapter 18!

Dallas in Wonderland 18

What do you want from me? was Dallas’ first thought. Well, maybe not his first. That would have more along the lines of fuck yeah, he’s here and I want him. All sentiments duly agreed with and seconded by Dallas’ now very hard cock. It seemed as though the mere sight of Samuel Levi was sufficient to induce an erection. One that could surely split steel, if unleashed.

He had such lovely legs, amply displayed beneath the green plaid kilt. With his red hair, he could easily be mistaken for the end man in an Irish minstrel show. He smiled, and although Dallas had felt aggrieved at his callous abandonment but moments before, he returned the smile, his heart melting all over again.

“Wine?” he echoed, never looking at the libation, his eyes focused solely on Samuel. Hoping, wishing, wanting… He received his wish, when Samuel set the bottle on the ground and pulled Dallas into his arms, their heated lips meeting in a heart-stopping kiss.

The other men began to whistle and catcall, but Dallas didn’t care. If they would leave, so much the better. His desire for this man had only grown hotter with his absence. Given a chance, he’d even make love to him in front of this unwanted audience, so badly did he want Samuel’s touch, to be filled by him completely.

Samuel broke the kiss. Dallas shivered; the good doctor’s tongue slid along his outer ear. “Soon, my sweet,” he whispered, as if he sensed Dallas’ thoughts. And perhaps he did.

He took one of Dallas’ hands in his and spun him prettily about, then pulled him close, so that Dallas’ back was pressed against Samuel’s front. They began to sway together. Somehow, somewhere, “Unchained Melody” began to play. Dallas could feel Samuel’s desire, pressed into the crack of his ass, and the knowledge that Samuel wanted him as badly as he wanted Samuel served to heighten his horniness.

Their ersatz private moment was summarily broken by a hand that wedged itself between Dallas and Samuel. “Excuse me while I cut in,” Leatherman announced. He started to pry Dallas out of the way.  Dallas dug his heels into the sand, but his strength was no match for the other’s and he found himself Dr. Levi-bereft once more.

Enough was enough!

Whirling angrily, he saw the hungry look in the leather clad man’s eyes, the way he was drooling over Samuel.
 My Samuel!

“Take your hands off him!” Acting on pure instinct, Dallas reached for him, applying a grip that Oz had taught him once, just for fun—they’d been playing Star Trek at the time—pinching a nerve along the intruder’s shoulder. He fell to the ground without a sound, completely inert. Dallas stepped over him and back into Samuel’s arms.

“You were magnificent,” Samuel complimented him in his husky contralto.

From the corner of his eye, Dallas watched the policeman approach. He tightened in expectation of the lambasting he was about to receive. But the cop never said a word. In fact, he winked at them both, before dragging Leatherman away, scolding him.

“See? I told you your loose cock would get you into trouble one day, Seymour. You should have listened…”


“Howdy sir.” Another country heard from. The cowboy this time. But at least he made no attempt to separate them. “Welcome to our group. Won’t you please join us? We have some shrimp that we’d like to offer you.”

“And I have the perfect wine.” Samuel nodded to Dallas, and he bent over to retrieve the bottle. From that position, he couldn’t help but look up, at Samuel, standing over him. His eyes were instantly drawn to him. And to what he wasn’t wearing beneath the kilt.

Dallas swallowed—hard—at the sight of Samuel’s magnificent cock, quiescent as it now was. He could only imagine what it looked like in its turgid state.

“Like what you see?” Samuel asked cheekily.

Dallas nodded, unable to speak.

“Excuse us, will you, boys? We’ll be back momentarily.” He pulled Dallas to his feet, linking their arms. Dallas fell into step beside him as they turned inland, away from the beach.  They walked toward what appeared to be a sheer cliff face composed of red stone, at least twenty feet high. Dallas craned his neck toward the top. There seemed no way to scale it. None that he could see, anyway.
As they approached, an odd thing happened. The rocks seemed to part in the middle, opening into a passageway just wide enough for them to walk abreast. Wall sconces flared along either side, lighting their way, and as they 
stepped, rose petals strew their path.

Dallas glanced behind him once, curiously. He could see nothing of the group they’d just left, only darkness, as if the others had ceased to exist once they’d stepped between the rocks.

They traversed the narrow path until it opened into a small, private spot. In the center was an aqua lagoon, surrounded by languid palm trees. A hammock hung between two of the trees. Seclusion for two. Dallas’ cock throbbed.

They reached the hammock, standing alongside it. A thumbnail moon hung overhead, surrounded by stars of various constellations. Scorpio. Aries. And one that resembled a hardened penis. The sign of the cock, perhaps?

“Touch me,” Samuel commanded in the same breathy whisper.

Dallas fell to his knees, lifting the kilt, his tongue reaching out and touching Samuel’s cock, licking it. It had a slightly salty, slightly musky, and slightly sweet taste. On his next foray, he thought he tasted a fine wine. What must his semen taste like?

He ran his tongue up and down the length, delighting in the texture of it, touching the various ridges with which it was lined. He took the heavy, weighted balls in one hand and squeezed them, as Samuel stroked his hair gently.

“Not too much,” he cautioned Dallas knowingly. “I have every intention of making love to you… now.”

to be continued

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  1. This story gets better and better, Julie. I'm already panting for the next installment ;-)

  2. This is a crazy story, and I LOVE it. Your imagination is truly strange and twisted and, therefore, fantastic.