Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Awake with Jason Isaacs? Yes, please!

Last week NBC premiered their new series, Awake, starring Jason Isaacs, who is one of the hottest actors ever to come out of Great Britain, one of the hotties from the Harry Potter film series, among other things. He was the sexiest Captain Hook, and he played in Showtime's series Brotherhood as a gangster with a heart, Michael Caffee.  I would have watched the show anyway, for Jason, but the premise hooked me from the start.

Michael Britten is a policeman who's been in a car accident, along with his wife and son. When he awakens afte the accident... well, there's the problem. It appears that he has two realities. In one, his wife survived, and he has one partner, and one psychiatrist, but when he closes his eyes, he opens them to a different reality. One where his son survived, and he has a different partner and psychiatrist. As a consequence, he never knows if he's awake or dreaming. And right now, he doesn't want to change a thing, because he has the best of both worlds.

Each psychiatrist tells him that the other reality is just a dream, so who is he to believe? The pilot was really very good, I'm looking forward to seeing more of it. Jason looks fantastic, as always. It was interesting to see Wilmer Valdertama as his partner in one reality. B.D. Wong, of Law and Order plays one of the psychiatrist. NBC now has two shows that I find interesting enough to watch - this, and Grimm. Keep up the good work!

Last week, Top Chef Texas concluded with the finale, which was between Paul and Sara. It was a close battle, down to the finish, but a foregone conclusion, and I'm happy to say that Paul won. He was consistently a better chef than Sara. The only other person I would have rather seen win was Edward. All in all, this will not go down as my favorite Top Chef season, and I really hated the Last Chance Kitchen. I hope they don't do that again. That's as bad as the wild card spots in professional sports. I wish they'd bring back Master Chef or Hells Kitchen, I need me some Gordon Ramsay!

The Walking Dead has only two episodes left this season.  **SPOILERS AHEAD** This season has certainly gotten darker in many ways, not least of which was the discover of the missing Sophia as a walker, and her subsequent death.  The revelation of Shane and Lori's affair. Shane's growing belief that he should be in charge. Hershel's distancing himself from the group. Carl's increasing hardness, as he becomes inured to the brutality of the new world - and welcomes it. The last episode dealt with some thorny issues. They end up with a young man on their hands, part of a larger group that tried to hurt them. They fear if they let him go, he'll lead his group to them, with dire consequences. Shane wants to put him to death, but Dale fights the idea, and it's decided to put it to a vote. Carl discovers a walker stuck in the mud and taunts him, but in doing so he  accidentally unleashes an unfortunate sequence of events which results in tragedy and death. I'm wondering if he's going to confess to his part in what happened. Right now, I don't like this kid much. I never did like his mother. I like Rick, and I like Glenn. Something I didn't realize until it was pointed out to me - the girl who plays Maggie was in Vampire Diaries as Rose. Makes me wonder what is coming up in the last two episodes, and for next season.

This week on Sandwich King, Jeff showed us how to make his versions of two classics - a reuben, and a  roast beef. Both looked delicious, although I confess to not being a fan of horseradish. Jeff is exuding a great deal more confidence now, and is doing well. I'd love to have him cook for me - he has a lucky family!

That's it for now, more about Californication, Once Upon a Time, Alcatraz and Grimm later.

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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  1. One of my long-time friends and I met on the Internet in a chat-room devoted to Jason Isaacs when the movie The Patriot was in theaters. We both had such a crush on him, and I always think of her when I see him. That Awake show looks like it's going to be really good.