Friday, January 20, 2012

Guest Blogger Lorrie Unites-Struiff

Happy Friday everyone! Today I welcome friend and fellow author Lorrie Unites-Struiff, who's going to talk to us about the meaningful aspects of being an author. I'm doubly privileged to be editing a new release for her, A Heap of Trouble, which comes out later this year. I really enjoyed it - it's a very cute, romantic Western. I'll be the first to admit that Westerns aren't my genre, but she's made me a believer, and I'll have to try more! Okay, so while she and I get situated in the den, with some tea, I'll let her get started.

Hi, Julie.

It’s so nice being here today. Thank you so much for the invitation. I just have to tell the folks what I think is one of the greatest aspects of being an author.

      When I was brand new, just breaking into the writing field, and having my short stories accepted into anthologies, I was still a little gun-shy about writing longer pieces. When you write short stories, there is not much personal contact between the publisher and writer. Your story is either accepted and you receive a check, or you’re rejected, and that’s it unless you get lucky with another publisher with the same story.
Now that I have gathered up my courage and have written two books, there’s a lot of personal contact, which I find fantastic. I now wonder why I was so chicken before.

And not only between the publisher and me, but I’ve also made many author acquaintances, truly fantastic writers who help each other, and me, so much. They are truly warm people and not the me-me-me people I expected on this side of the competitive writing field. Ask a question, don’t understand something—they’re right there to answer and help. They promote each other, give you tips, and wish nothing but the best for you. The authors invite you to their blogs, as Julie did today. It’s as if we’re all one big family.

I’ve also made close friends in the author world, I’m talking very close. Friends I never would have had if not for my writing.

To me, even better than the fun of entertaining readers, getting my stories ‘out there,’ having great publishers and editors, I find the friendships one of the best parts of being an author.

How lucky can I get?

A few of my shorts are with Bookstogo. Wild Blackberries and The Last Dance.
My Novella with EP is Gypsy Crystal.

My next one due out this year is a humorous western. Lol. I’ve always wanted to write a western. I love dabbling into different genres.

Below is more information on only the four I have mentioned.  


Bren is in love with a troubled boy named Rip, and she hopes he asks her to his senior prom. The most popular girl in school, Jean, plays on Rip’s tortured soul. Does Bren get revenge?
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And Barnes and Nobles/Amazon

Morgan is researching on an Indian reservation in Prescott, Arizona, for her new paranormal novel. She doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but writes it for the trend and the nice royalties. That is until her soon to be divorced husband tries to kill her, and she survives by her wits and a little “strange” help.
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Barnes and Nobles/Amazon

Log line>>Can gypsy magic help catch a serial killer.
Available at Amazon

Sheriff Cole Walker is fearless, except when it comes to critters. When a thieving, runaway, ringtail monkey decides move in with Cole and won’t leave, he has more woes than he can handle.

Cole has a powerful yen for the newly arrived Mattie Wells, the pretty woman who can jingle his spurs with just a smile. Mattie takes a shine to men who have pets, and she adores the monkey—as does all the townsfolk. So, Cole must put up with the troublesome critter.

Mattie is holding a dark secret and refuses to get married. Cole pushes to pry out her secret and change her mind while harboring a secret of his own.

 A gang of rustlers is roaming the hills and stealing the Double J’s cattle. JJ blames the farmers and an all out war is in the making. Cole and his deputies, Wade and Sully, are given a month to find the thieves before Mayor Farley calls for outside gunslingers.

 Yep. Cole has a heap of trouble on his hands.

Lorrie Unites-Struiff

Thanks so much for joining us today, Lorrie! You are so right about authors being a close-knit community. I too remember when you sent in a story and were either accepted or rejected, but you never got to know anyone and never felt like they cared. I think that the advent of e-publishing has changed that. I'll brew some more tea, why don't I and we can keep chatting.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Have any questions for Lorrie, any comments? She'd love to hear them!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie


  1. Like Julie, I've never been a fan of Westerns. But I am a fan of critters. And humor. And that's what drew me to A Heap of Trouble. It's a great read. And Beggar is quite the memorable character. Who would think a critter could almost steal the show in a Western?

    Nice interview. Any room on that sofa for another butt? Sounds like an interesting conversation's going on. Maria Altobelli

  2. Sure, Maria, plop on down and join the fun!

    I'll never forget Beggar, that's for sure! It is a great read!

  3. Well I'm biased as i love you and all your books.I've been lucky enough to review a couple. Plus julie is pretty fab too lol Good luck with everything lorrie, you deserve to be a best selling author.

  4. I am another lucky pre-publishing reader for Lorrie's work. She is one hilarious writer. Heap of Trouble is fun and romantic, but just wait until you get to see her Winnie Krapski stories. That's all I'll say for now.

  5. Oh, I so agree! So many friends in so many places I've never even been!

  6. Nice post, Lorrie! :) I completely agree about finding author friends. It's so unlike what "showbiz" is portrayed as on TV--constant cat fights, authors putting each other down, etc. MuseItUp has been a great publisher for me as far as that goes. :)

  7. We share the same experience with publishing with Muse. Lots of new friends and support. Your western sounds like a lot of fun. Looking forward to it!

  8. You've been a wonderful friend, Lorrie, and I've loved all your stories! I'm so happy for you that Heap of Trouble will be released this year, it was such a fun story.
    I'm grateful for all the amazing writers I've made as friends as well. It's so good to know you're out there when I need you!