Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hell's Kitchen, Network Food Star and More

****Spoilers ahead*****
Things are heating up in Hell's Kitchen, and I'm not talking about the food! It's only a matter of time now 'til one  of the problems in the red kitchen - or both - has to go. Chef Ramsey teased us last night, giving us hope that he was ridding us of the two continually fighting foes, but no such luck. Instead of either Elise or Carrie (or both), Jamie was sent out the door, so we'll have to wait another week to see that particular dream come true. Last night's service, which was the first date night at Hell's Kitchen, saw a hair in the food, burnt fish, returned entrees... Tommy should be grateful his team won, because I think he's next to go on that side. He's worse than scatterbrained, I'm beginning to think he's just plain stupid. I don't see him surviving much longer. Or Elizabeth, if she doesn't step up to the plate and put herself out there, instead of hanging out in the background.

Sunday night saw the end of Network Food Star, after the reunion show, which had me in stitches. They  brought back everyone for that, some we haven't seen since the series started. To begin the finale, they had three finalists. By tradition, each was to make a demo of their show, but they changed it up with an elimination challenge, which Vic lost, sad to say. I was hoping it would be Vic vs Jeff. If it had been, I'd have been conflicted to pick a winner, because I like them both. I didn't think Suzy had what it takes, but Vic does. So it was a face off between Suzy and Jeff and I'm happy that Jeff won! His new show starts Saturday morning, we are so gonna tape it!

Master Chef has its two part finale this week, but I haven't seen last night's yet, so the only comment I'll make is that I want Christian to go down, in a big way.

Sarah and I are watching Heat Seekers, which comes on Friday nights, with Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking running to different places around the country to taste their hottest foods. Most of the time, neither guy is up to the challenge. It's an interesting show, but I'm glad it's only half an hour. I don't think it could hold my interest longer than that. I can't imagine it having more than one season, but who knows.

The Glades just keeps on getting better. This week's episode had to do with a survivalist, and a man being found in a boar's belly. Jim and Callie are finally beginning to talk about things, so I'm hopeful they'll be on the same page again soon. I'm glad Jim's ex is long gone and I hope she stays that way cause I couldn't stand her, and have no idea what he saw in her. I love the way everyone works together, and I love the dynamics between them. Again, I think making Callie a forensics nurse was a great move, gets her involved with cases. I hope we never see her jailbird husband again, except for the divorce.

I miss the Borgias, and Californication. Can't wait for new seasons to begin. Also to be able to watch the new True Blood, but I don't have HBO so I'll have to wait. I have two books I'm waiting to hear about acceptance on, so cross your fingers for me!

Flipping Out is better without Sarah. I haven't watched last week's episode yet, I'm behind, but I have to believe more work will get done. I know the deadline for Chaz is coming up. I trust Jeff will make it.

What are  your favorite shows, what do you like to watch? Any comments, or suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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