Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flash Fiction #5 - Yes He's My Ex: Fool's Errand

It's Wednesday! You know what that means - it's time for another Flash Fiction! This week there are nine of us participating in this weekly Silver ritual, so welcome the newbies! Our prompt this week was: "There's only one way out of this." I give you my next installment of Yes He's My Ex, I hope you enjoy it!

Fool's Errand

Ever hear the expression about blood turning to ice in someone’s veins? I’ve always thought that was just so much bullshit. Until Sonny’s call. I’ve never felt so internally frozen in my life as I do when that line goes dead.

“Sonny? Sonny?” I keep speaking into the broken connection, like somehow my desire to have it reconnect will magically cause it do so. “Fuck.”

I don’t realize I’ve spoken my frustration aloud until my mother admonishes me. “Tim, language.” She gives me a look, one of those mother looks, you know the kind. “Is Sonny coming?” she asks hopefully.

“Mom, I gotta go. Something’s come up.”

“Before dinner? Is there a problem, Tim?”

It’d be easy to tell her that Sonny’s the problem. He’s in trouble—how and where I have no idea—and he needs me, but if I tell her that, she’ll tell Sonny’s mom and I just know that won’t end well.  Why worry two mothers before there’s a need to?  Besides, I have no fucking clue what’s happening, only a gut feeling. A small white lie will have to do for now.

“Everything’s cool, I just forgot I had to do something. Save me some lasagna?” Assuming I’m in the mood to even eat, once I get done with this gut-twisting heart-wrenching expedition I’m about to embark upon. How do I know that’s how it’s gonna be?

‘Cause it’s Sonny, that’s how I know. That’s just the way it is.

The lasagna smells good, and I selfishly think for a moment that he could have waited til after dinner to call, but I push that thought aside as being unworthy of me. That’s more along Sonny’s line. But I do have an idea of my own, and I grab the bottle of wine.

“I’ll bring you back another one,” I promise.  I have a feeling I’m gonna need this one.

I kiss my mother good-bye. She isn’t upset, just concerned. I can deal with that. Let her save the worrying until I find out if there’s something to worry about or not. I can handle this on my own, I’m a big boy. I race out of the house, trying not to trip on the uneven sidewalk and bust the bottle or my head, hop in my car and—

And what? Where do I go from here? Not like I got a location out of the boy. Not like he’s equipped with GPS or anything that I can set to search, and say, “Find Sonny.” Life doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

Calm down, calm down. Let’s try and be logical about this. Where is the most likely place to find Sonny?

I squeal my tires as I pull out into the street. Sonny’s mother’s house, of course. It’s where he lives, isn’t it?

Sonny’s mother Lia is like my second mom, so I know I have to be careful not to alarm her in any way, even more so than my mother. The house isn’t all that far from my mother’s, which was helpful when we were young and Sonny and I would hang out together all the time. We spent a lot of time in a tent in my backyard: being goofy, playing games or reading books by flashlight. When we got older, and our hormones began kicking in, we built our own club house, underneath the huge oak tree. Our moms helped us out, with curtains and actual furniture. We’d smuggle in magazines with titillating pictures of naked men in them. It wasn’t long before we began to try what we saw in the pictures on one another.

It was a while longer before our mothers ever caught on to what we were really doing.  I think they took it pretty well. Very well, in fact. Our moms are our biggest supporters.

I pull my head out of this memory lane I’m wandering through, and come to a screeching halt outside Lia’s house. Be cool, I repeat over and over like an internal mantra.

But Sonny isn’t there, as I discover when Lia opens the door with a huge smile for me.

“Tim! Come in, come in! You looking for Sonny?” Yeah, she’s got this shit-eating grin like she just knows I want to get back with him, why else am I here? “He went out a while ago. Have you tried calling him?”

Of course not, that would make too much sense. No, it never dawned on me to just call him back, see what’s up. Boy, do I feel stupid.

I thank her, without letting on any of the myriad feelings that are coursing through me now. Just standing here, in the front hall of Sonny’s house, brings back memories.

Like the time when we were maybe sixteen and he lured me up to his room, said he was in trouble and needed my help bad. We get up to his room, and my heart’s pounding and I’m really scared that something’s wrong. He locks the door, just in case, but his mom would never walk in, we know that.

Suddenly, he pulls me down on the bed, and puts my hand on his very hard cock.

“I’m in trouble, Tim-tim,” he repeats, "And there's only one way out of this….”

Yes, I’m sure you can imagine what that way was. And I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that I went along with it, and gladly sucked him off, one ear cocked toward the door.  I know, I’ve always been a sucker for that boy.

So, is that what this is now? A ploy to get me to run to him so he can have his way with me?

That does it. I hit #1 on my speed dial. Yeah, it’s him.

“Now listen here,” I begin when I hear it pick up, but a strange voice stops me.

“You must be Tim. Now listen carefully and do what I say, if you want him alive.”

Holy fuck.

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