Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Few Thoughts Before I Go

No, I'm not leaving for any length of time, just for a few days, but I won't have computer access, therefore no blogging. I'll just put a few thoughts down here, tell you what's going on and then say auf wiederesehen.

As you can tell by my countdown, KawaKon is upon us - tomorrow, in fact. But today we have to set up for tomorrow, so this afternoon, when Sarah gets home from school, we'll head out to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton.

Let me give you an idea of the sorts of things that will be going on tonight, a behind the scenes look, if you will.  Sarah and I will drag over the stuff we have for the con, but not our personal stuff yet. I have 48 cupcakes, for the Rocky Horror Picture Show event, which is on Saturday night. Uniced, as frosted cupcakes are a bitch to transport, we'll do the frosting at the con, and for the cupcakes that Harley is bringing for Repo! the Genetic Opera which takes place Friday night. I have toppers for the cupcakes - brains and eyeballs for Repo!, and lips for RHPS - all gummy and quite edible. I also have Zydrate for Repo! (aka blue Hawaiian punch). And body parts for members of the audience. Watch out, or the Repo man will repossess them from you!

I have the loot bags for RHPS, which we will finish stuffing tonight, I have everything in them but the rice, squirt guns and tp. Tonight we'll put the things we are storing for the con in the Starbird Room, and Eric (Katrina's father and our most excellent sound man) will unload his equipment. I will make sure I have what I need for Registration, so that tomorrow morning I'll be good to go. We might even get some early comers tonight. I'm not sure if any of the dealers are coming tonight, they might be in order to do some set up. It is a lot of work, we've been working on this for months, but it's so worth it, and I think our guests have a great time. The hotel is really nice, and the people there are both friendly and helpful. They greet us when we come in for our monthly meetings, like we're old friends or something, which is cool.

This year, I am primarily concentrating on Registration. I'll be there all day Friday and Saturday, then a little bit on Sunday. Friday night is Repo!, Saturday night is Hanzo the Razor and RHPS. Sunday is my samurai panel, Zatoichi versus Yojimbo, and closing ceremonies.  I've never been to opening ceremonies, cause you can't exactly close Registration for that, but I always make closing.

The Masquerade is one of the highlights of the con, though I've never been. I will also miss the reading of the fanfiction on Sunday. Too bad, cause I won a couple of awards.  But it conflicts with my panel. Tons of other panels and events too - go to the site to check them out:  KawaKon 2011

Going to cons is great fun. You get to meet a lot of great people, make new friends, see the fabulous costumes, and buy the things you enjoy from the dealers. I may or may not make it to the dealer's room, we'll see. I'm lucky to have a good friend like Jack who is going to bring me nourishment during the con, and make sure I don't starve to death (I know, little chance of that, but it's very sweet of him).

I am cosplaying two costumes this year - Germany from Hetalia, and an original which I am calling Donna Noble cosplaying as the Tenth Doctor. I was just putting something together for Rocky Horror, when my daughter said if I had a different shirt, I could be Ten. So I did, and so I will be on Saturday, although more like Donna Noble, since I look nothing like David Tennant.  It should be fun.  We'll pack either tonight or tomorrow morning, leave for the hotel about nine. I think Registration opens at 10. We're staying in the Staff Room, which is good, since I wouldn't want to drive home after midnight showings, and I can't afford a room.

I hope some of you will be there. If you are, say hi to me at Registration.  I'll be handling the At Con registration mostly. If not, maybe I'll see you there next year.  Next year's theme is The End of the World as We Know It.

Okay, that's it for now, I'll be back with a new blog on Monday, maybe I'll manage one Sunday night, an end of the con overview, if I can manage it.  Take care, and have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Jules! It's nice to meet you too. Don't get discouraged about having religious tones in a novel. Religious erotica is popular and it is published, but it's very niche.

    When I look at the statistics for my blog, I suspect it's a bit more popular than people think. The majority of my traffic is from people seeking religious erotica.

    I wish you the best of luck if you submit anything to Freya's Bower. They've been very good to me and I'm rather happy with them. Marci is great to work with.

    I hope you travel safely and have a wonderful time at the convention!

  2. I agree with that, but in this case, we're talking about Judas and Jesus, and most people are closeminded in that respect.

    You mean that the number of followers does not accurately reflect how many people are just visitors? True too.

    I'll keep them in mind, thanks, if my agent doesn't pan out. Still waiting to hear from him.

    I had a wonderful time, travel was safe - I only live 20 to 25 minutes from the hotel! lol