Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Sexy Saturday #30: Civil War and Broken Hearts

I know I haven't done this in a while, but I decided to join My Sexy Saturday today so I could show off a little bit of my upcoming release, Civil War and Broken Hearts, which comes out on August 24th, from Dreamspinner, and is the second book in my Rose and Thorne series.

This week's theme is reunion, so I chose a scene in which Vinnie and Ethan have been separated but find a way to come together. Enjoy!

Realizing I was risking exposure, I darted inside the room and closed the door, suddenly nervous for no reason I could think of. It was Ethan I was expecting, the man I’d been with for almost five years. So why was my heart beating like conga drums on steroids?
The door opened suddenly, and for one horrible moment, I thought maybe I should have locked it in case the maid came by. But then I realized it was Ethan, and he was running toward me, and I was running toward him, and his lips met mine as he lifted me from my feet and kissed me like there was no tomorrow, and in that moment nothing else mattered.
I wrapped my legs about him as he carried me farther into the room, never breaking our kiss. By the time we reached the sofa and parked our asses on it, we were forced to come up for air. But it was a happy breathlessness. We sat facing one another, our hands joined.
“I was worried about you,” Ethan admitted. “I almost came running after you when you left….”
“Well, I’m glad you didn’t. That wouldn’t have been the best idea.” Surprise, surprise, I was being the practical one for a change.
“But you don’t deserve suspension,” he protested, and I kissed him again just to calm him down. And because I wanted to.

“I’m not really suspended, it’s okay,” I assured him, pushing a stray lock of blond hair back behind his ear.

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