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Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #32 (7.6)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for some flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, from 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

In this week's episode of Moving Forward, things come to a climax between Marshall and Lee as they end their first night on the cruise!Don't forget to see what the other Briefers are up to! Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Moving Forward #32 (7.6)

Marshall watched Lee with a growing amazement as he drizzled chocolate syrup along Marshall’s body, over the mounds of whipped cream. Half expecting the chocolate to be cold, he discovered it was room temperature, and far from unpleasant.

“Want a little shot of this?” Lee asked, once he’d saturated Marshall with the stuff.

“Hell yeah,” Marshall said.

“Open up,” Lee instructed. When Marshall obeyed, Lee held the bottle over him and squeezed the sweet syrup into Marshall’s waiting mouth.  Marshall swallowed as it as fast as Lee slowly poured it.

“That’s enough, don’t want to give you a belly ache,” Lee said as he set the bottle aside.

Marshall wasn’t about to argue. While it tasted good, he wanted to see what else Lee had in mind.

Lee began with Marshall’s nipples, which were buried beneath small mounds of creamy goodness. He licked circles about the nubs, which hardened at his touch, then sucked one into his mouth. The warmth of Lee’s mouth, combined with the sweetness of the chocolate and whipped cream, was a turn-on.

After Lee finished with one nipple, he performed identical ministrations on the other, then reached for Marshall’s lips and kissed him long and hard. Marshall moaned when Lee’s tongue entered his mouth, his kiss sweeter than ever. 

When they came up for air, Lee said, “Wonder what that would taste like with hot sauce?”

“Might be too much for you, old man,” Marshall teased. Lee’s eyes gleamed as he acknowledged the challenge.

“I’ll show you who’s an old man,” he murmured before he began to lick the chocolate from Marshall’s chest, his teeth lightly scraping Marshall’s skin and sending every nerve ending skyrocketing with pleasure. Goddamn, that was good.

Lee took his time, as if he was determined to lap up every bit of the syrup he’d covered Marshall with, and Marshall didn’t mind. He was enjoying the journey far too much to complain. They had all the time in the world, after all. Nothing else to do but enjoy one another.

Lee’s head dipped lower and lower, as he followed Marshall’s treasure trail. Marshall fisted his hands into Lee’s hair and arched up into his mouth. He was close to coming and he knew it, but he was determined to hold on as long as he could. Lee was making that difficult, however.

Lee tongued Marshall’s cock without taking it into his mouth. His hands caressed Marshall’s balls, rolling them expertly before he licked them as well, with long lingering swipes.

“You’re so close, I can feel it,” Lee murmured in a lust-laden voice.  “Spread your legs a little more. But don’t come. Not yet.”

Marshall obeyed, and was rewarded when Lee pressed his thumb inside Marshall. When he added a finger, Marshall tightened his muscles around Lee’s digits, fighting the urge to release without permission.

But it wasn’t easy. His balls were already tightening. He drew long shuddering breaths in an attempt to stem the tide.

“You’re so tight,” Lee murmured, brushing his lips along Marshall’s erection, the vibrations threatening to drive Marshall over the brink.

“Goddam, Lee,” he moaned.

“Goddam what?” Lee licked a path along the underside of Marshall’s cock, up to the head. None of the sweet stuff was left, already devoured.

“Just goddam, that’s all,” Marshall said hoarsely.

Lee moved his fingers faster, pressing harder inside Marshall. Just before Marshall thought he’d lose it, Lee said, “Come for me, boy,” and he swallowed Marshall’s cock whole, down to the root.

That was all Marshall needed to hear. He arched his back, his fingers holding tight to Lee’s hair as he came, long and hard. Lee never stopped sucking until he swallowed every last bit, by which time Marshall was panting.

Less urgently now, Lee licked the base of Marshall’s softening cock, then kissed the tip. “Damn, you’re tasty, boy,” he said, crawling up Marshall’s body and claiming his lips. Now the chocolate flavor was augmented by the taste of Marshall himself as they kissed long and hard.

Lee drew back far enough that Marshall could look into his eyes, so dark they were almost purple. He knew they had unfinished business, he just didn’t know how it would happen.

Lee swiftly reversed their positions, and now he was on bottom, and Marshall straddled him. “You’re gonna ride me, boy,” he said. He took Marshall’s hand and placed it on his weeping cock. “Think you’re ready for me?”

“You know it,” Marshall said. He was plenty stretched and he knew Lee knew it too.

“Then you know what to do…”

Marshall stroked Lee as he positioned himself above him, guiding him to the rim of his hole. He felt Lee’s cockhead nudge his opening. Then he slid down onto it, taking Lee inside of him in one move, until his balls slapped wetly against Lee’s flesh. Oh damn, so good.

Lee reached for his hands, for balance, twining their fingers together. Marshall began to rock back and forth, grinding into Lee. He was gratified at the expression of pure pleasure which shone from Lee’s beautiful eyes.

Lee arched up, meeting Marshall’s thrusts with his own. “Oh yeah,” he encouraged Marshall, “fuck yourself real good.”

Marshall squeezed his muscles tighter about Lee, eliciting a moan.  For just a moment, Marshall considered reaching for the syrup and pouring it all over Lee, but then decided against it. He’d try that later. He just wanted to make love right now.

“Kiss me,” Marshall requested, leaning toward Lee, which changed the angle, seating Lee a little deeper inside him. Lee raised up enough to meet Marshall’s lips, thrusting inside him with a growing urgency.

Lee’s orgasm was long and hard, and when he was done, they collapsed together in sweaty content.

“Good thing I had them bring extra sheets.” Lee grinned. “Let’s take a shower and make the bed.”

“Sounds perfect,” Marshall agreed.

To think, this was only their first day on the cruise. Marshall couldn’t wait to see what came next.

to be continued

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