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Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #29 (7.3)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for some flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors, and every week we bring you our finest flash fiction, from 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts!

In Moving Forward, Marshall and Lee have struck up a conversation with the guy in the cabin across from theirs. Will he turn out to be another Dustin in disguise? See what happens in this week's episode! Then go see what the other Briefers are up to! Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Moving Forward #29 (7.3)

They took the elevator down to the next level, and followed Roger’s lead to the bar. It was filled with a less boisterous crowd than Partners. The slow smoky music seemed more conducive  than country tunes to the art of seduction. Marshall had little doubt there was a whole lot of that going on all around them in the rather sensual atmosphere.

“What’s your pleasure?” Roger asked, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer, so Lee said he’d stand the next round, and they all decided on boilermakers.

Marshall had never had one of those before. He watched Lee as he dropped the shot of whiskey into his beer, then lifted his glass and drank. He noticed Roger downed the shot first and then the beer separately. Emulating Lee, he let the shot glass fall into the beer, watched it foam, then lifted the glass and drank it down to the bottom as Roger cheered him on. “Go, go, go!”

He drained the glass and set it back on the table. “Whew!” he said, after he caught his breath.

Lee and Roger laughed.

“C’mere, you have foam on your lip,” Lee said.

Marshall leaned in toward him, expecting him to use a bar napkin to wipe it away, but Lee surprised him and licked it off instead. Damn, that was just sexy.

“Rawr,” Marshall purred. He noted the look of appreciation in Lee’s eyes, and he felt his cock twitch. He was ready to go again with Lee. That was an idea he’d definitely bring up when they got back to their cabin. He didn’t even care about using the hot tub. The bed would be more than fine. Might as well break that in too.

He considered asking Lee if he was ready to go right now, then decided to work on that anticipation thing a little more.

“You know, I think maybe we should order a snack when we go back to the cabin, check out the room service.”

“Feeling hungry, old man?” Marshall teased.

“Maybe,” was all Lee would say. Marshall knew better than to question him further.

“So, where you from, Roger?” Lee asked, at the same time scooting closer to Marshall, placing his hand on Marshall’s knee.

“I’m from Amarillo,” Roger replied. “I don’t usually get down this far, but when I thought about taking a cruise, I saw Galveston was one of the ports that was offered, so I jumped on it. What about you two? Where you from?”

“A little place you never heard of.” Lee laughed. “Burnham. Which is close to Tucker Falls, another place you never heard of. Which is somewhat close to San Antonio.”

“I always meant to go to San Antonio,” Roger said. “I’d like to visit the Alamo sometime. You been?”

“We sure have,” Marshall replied. “Lots of times. It’s a great place.”

“I bet it is,” Roger said. “Guess I’ll have to broaden my horizons, see more of the state I live in too. Do you guys travel a lot?”

“Not really,” Lee said. “We go to San Antone when we can, usually on business. But I think we’re gonna change that, aren’t we, Marshall? See a little more of the world.”

“Sounds good to me,” Marshall agreed.

“You travel for your company?” Roger asked. “What kind of business do you work for, if you don’t mind my asking.”

“I don’t mind. We run our own computer service. We repair and program, build from scratch… whatever you need.”

“That’s totally cool,” Roger said. “I know so little about computers, other than how to use them. And most of that time is spent playing Warcraft.” He laughed. “You ever play?” That question was obviously directed at Marshall.

“I don’t usually play games, unless I’m working on them,” Marshall said. “Just don’t have the time. Other stuff to do.”

“What do you mean, like you fix them when they go wrong?” Roger asked.

“No, more like I write them.”

“Wow, that is awesome. My hat’s off to you, dude.”

“My round, what would you like?” Lee asked.

“I’m good with a cold draft,” Roger said.

“Sounds good to me,” Marshall said. No sense in getting plastered, not when he had plans. Besides, getting drunk wasn’t really a lot of fun, as he’d discovered the one time he got plastered ‘cause he didn’t listen to Lee’s warning about overdoing it. He still remembered the terrible headache he’d had, and how much he’d thrown up. Never again.

Lee stood. He gave Marshall a questioning look, and Marshall knew instinctively what he was asking—was he comfortable waiting at the table with Roger?

“Maybe see if they have any pretzels behind the bar or something?” Marshall suggested.

Lee laughed. “I’ll do that.” He leaned down and kissed Marshall. “Be right back.” Marshall watched him make his way to the bar. In particular, he admired, the way his hips moved, and how hot his ass looked walking away.

Roger’s voice broke him from his reverie. “You guys been together long?”

For a moment, Marshall wasn’t sure how to answer the question. He didn’t remember ever being asked that before. If he said all his life, that would not be good, and strictly speaking it wasn’t accurate. So he went with what was essentially the truth.

“About three years,” he replied. Which was true. Before that, they hadn’t been together in every sense of the word, the way they were now.

“I envy what you have, let me tell you. The two of you look so perfect together.”

Marshall couldn’t help but smile at the compliment.

“I don’t suppose Lee has a brother?” Roger asked hopefully.

“Nope, he doesn’t. Sorry. He’s one of a kind.”

“What about you, do you  have any brothers?”

“I’m an only child,” Marshall said.

“Want to borrow one of mine? I have three.” Roger guffawed, just as Lee came back with three beers which he set on the table. “Siblings are highly overrated,” Roger added.

to be continued

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