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Wednesday Briefs: Moving Forward #10 (3.3)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, it must be time for some flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every Wednesday, tales that run from 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

Moving Forward continues with Marshall and Lee meeting Denver and Dustin for dinner at Milly's. Marshall doesn't care for the way things are going - can they get worse? Find out in this week's episode. Then go see what the other Briefers are up to. Their links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Moving Forward #10 (3.3)

Lee rocked up inside Marshall, thrusting harder and harder. Marshall’s arms were wound tightly about Lee’s neck, their faces so close he could feel the warmth of Lee’s breath on his lips. The friction against Marshall’s cock turned on so much he didn’t think he’d need to touch it to come. All he needed was permission.

“God, Lee,” he moaned, “so close…”

“Come for me,” Lee whispered before he claimed Marshall’s mouth, swallowing any possible reply. Not that Marshall had any to make.

His cock throbbed, conditioned to obedience at the sound of Lee’s voice, and released, long and hard, smearing them both with sticky fluid. Lee’s thrusts had become harder and shorter. Marshall felt Lee’s orgasm as Lee’s cock spilled inside him, filling him with wet warmth.

Marshall’s legs began to complain at being cramped, but he didn’t have a whole lot of room to maneuver, so he reluctantly loosed his grip on Lee and eased his legs to the floor. For a second, they threatened to buckle under him.  He pitched forward against Lee’s chest to keep himself from falling on his ass.

“Whoa, steady there, pardner.”  Lee’s strong arms kept him upright. With an apologetic smile, Marshall straightened, stretching each leg in the process.

“Sorry ‘bout that,” he started to apologize, but Lee stopped his words with a kiss.

“Why don’t we clean up, put these clothes away, and get back to work?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Marshall agreed.
* * * *
They’d arranged to have dinner with Denver and Dustin at Milly’s the next night. Marshall, although not completely comfortable with having them there in Burnham, had decided not to worry about it. He trusted Lee, and Lee seemed good with it, so that was enough for him.

Lee parked the truck in their usual spot on the edge of the small parking lot.  Marshall got out and walked around the truck, admiring the view as Lee sauntered up to him. “What?” Lee’s eyebrows rose in a question.

“Just thinking how good you look, that’s all.”

“Flatterer!” Lee chuckled and pulled Marshall in for a kiss. He took Marshall’s hand in his. “Let me return the compliment, then. You clean up pretty good yourself.”

That brought a smile to Marshall’s face. “Trying to turn my head, old man?”

“Naw, wouldn’t want you to get too high an opinion of yourself,” Lee teased.

They strolled into the familiar diner, hand in hand. “Evening, boys!” Milly greeted them with a smile. Coffee pot in hand, she was warming up a cup for a customer seated at the counter.  “You want a booth tonight, or you sitting up here?”

“Evening, Milly. Actually, we’re meeting someone.” Lee scanned the diner. “And there they are.” He nodded to where Denver and his cousin were already seated.

“Need a menu?” Milly asked.

“You know, I think we know that menu by heart. We should, by now.” Lee laughed. “Including all the specials. Let me think. It’s Saturday night, so it’s pot roast night, right?”

“Right you are, Lee. Can’t pull nothing over on you. Well, go ahead and get seated, I’ll be right over with your water.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lee winked at Milly, and they headed toward the booth. Marshall noticed that Milly’s cheeks sure got pink whenever Lee was around.

Marshall couldn’t resist needling Lee a little. “You know, I bet she’d make someone a good wife.”

“Oh hush you. Nobody likes a wiseass. Besides, you know she has a husband already. And children. And grandchildren. Besides, I happen to be spoken for.”

Marshall gave him a cheeky grin, expecting no less.

They reached the booth, and Marshall was a little annoyed to find Dustin seated next to the window, which meant he’d be sitting directly across from him, since Lee always took the aisle. For a second, he considered asking Lee to switch seats, but thought better of it and slid across the seat. Lee scooted in after him.

“Have any trouble finding the place?” Lee asked.

“Nope, your directions were perfect,” Denver said. “This seems like a real nice place. You come here a lot?”

“Best place in town,” Lee said. “Pretty often, yeah. Roy’s a regular here too. He said to tell you both hey. I think he’s got a date tonight.”

“Good for Roy.” Denver laughed. “Dustin had a chance to go out tonight himself. Guy at Partners wanted to take him out, and he said he couldn’t go.”

“We already had plans,” Dustin pointed out. Marshall thought he sounded annoyed that Denver had even brought the matter up.

“Yeah, but I said I’d bring your computer for you, didn’t I?” Denver said.

“I know. Didn’t want to,” Dustin muttered, turning his attention to the window, as if something more interesting lay on the other side of the glass. More likely, he was avoiding the question, Marshall thought.

“Suit yourself.” Denver shrugged and turned back to Lee and Marshall.  “I bet you two are excited about going on the cruise. I know we are.”

“Yeah, can’t wait,” Marshall agreed.

Milly bustled up with water for Lee and Marshall. “Ready to order?” she asked.

After a brief consultation, they all decided on the pot roast. “Good choice, gentlemen,” Milly said. “Be ready in just a few minutes.” She gave Marshall a knowing look. “I heard that smart tongue of yours. You be careful or you might end up with gravy in your lap!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Marshall responded to her banter, while the others snickered.

Once she’d left the table, Lee asked, “Are you guys flying down to Galveston, or driving?”

“Driving, I guess. It’s just a few hours. I was thinking we’d get there the night before and stay at a hotel. Part of the vacation.”

“We’re going to do that too,” Lee said.

Marshall was reaching for his water. He froze at Lee’s next words.

“Would you be interested in driving to Galveston with us?”

to be continued

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