Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Travis Fimmel makes history sexy!

I started watching Vikings from the beginning, mostly because of Travis Fimmel. Frankly, I was skeptical that the History Channel could pull off an actual TV show that was entertaining, as well as historical and informative. I was wrong. Vikings is great, and I've come to love it. It recently began its third season, so let's take a look at what's going on.  *SPOILERS AHEAD*****

There is a whole lot going on this season. Ragnar takes the gang back to Wessex, where Ecbert "persuades" him to help with the cause of Mercia. Lagertha busies herself with the new settlement, and Floki is becoming increasingly jealous of Athelstan's influence over Ragnar. ****MORE SPOILERS*** Nothing is ever what it seems. Ecbert seems friendly and makes overtures to Lagertha, which are accepted and returned, and his daughter-in-law, Juliet, is very interested in Athelstan. He resists at first, but finally gives in and makes love to her. Back home, the women of Ragnar, Floki and Rollo have the same dream about a stranger - and he arrives (played by the same guy who plays the ratcatcher in The Strain). He seduces Ragnar's Princess, and while she's busy fornicating, she leaves her children to Sigi to watch. Tragedy ensues when Sigi follows her two sons onto a frozen pond. They fall through, she rescues them, then drowns. Aethelwulf, Ecbert's son, discovers his wife's infidelity when he returns home, and once the child is born, they start to mutilate her horribly, beginning with one ear, to make her name the father. Under such duress, she gives them Athelstan's name, and Ecbert stops the proceedings, understanding her thrall for him. They name the child Alfred. Ragnar decides he wants to attack Paris and Athelstan gives him a lot of intel on the island/city. A jealous Floki decides a sacrifice is needed, so he kills Athelstan. They are poised to attack the city now, and I think Ragnar knows what Floki did, so that should be interesting. Also, Bjorn's girlfriend was mutilated in battle and thinks she's too hideous for him. She has their daughter, whom they need Sigi. Told you, a lot going on, can't wait to see what happens in Paris.

Dig is a new series on USA, which stars Jason Isaacs, whom you should remember as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, as well as Awake, and Peter Pan, and much more. I've watched a few episodes, and I haven't decided yet how much I like it. I'm basically watching it for Jason.   **SPOILERS AHEAD**  Basically, Jason plays an FBI agent who's transferred to Jerusalem and while investigating a murder discovers a strange end of days type conspiracy. He's also dealing with the death of his daughter. Also in this is the girl who played Claire in Six Feet Under, Lauren Ambrose. Jason is good as always, just not sure if it has what it takes to make it. For the most part, USA doesn't have good shows. The exception to that rule is Sirens, which is hilarious, so we'll have to just wait and see, I guess.

Also back for a new season is The Following. **SPOILERS AHEAD*** So far, we haven't seen a lot of Joe Carroll. The action is centering around the cray-cray remaining twin, Mark Gray, and his equally cray-cray followers. Mark is having people killed and leaving bizarre messages that Ryan hardy lies and he needs to confess the truth, the truth being that the FBI executed his mother, Lily Gray. Maybe strictly speaking they did, but she deserved it. Mark is all kinds of bananas - he placed a mirror on top of a suit of clothes, and talks to it as if it's his brother, Luke. The bad thing is - it talks back. Or Mark hears it that way. Of course, he supplies the voice. Ryan has a new girlfriend, a nice doctor, while his niece Max has a nice boyfriend who is also FBI. But she and Mike get it on one night, and he accidentally discovers that, and I'm waiting for that to explode all over everyone. Another storyline concerns the man who mentored Joe, who is awaiting trial, and manages to walk on a technicality. This could be an interesting season, but without Joe being more involved, I don't see it going much further. And he's due to be executed soon. So, we'll see.

Gotta stop there, my cat wants to eat. More another time.

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