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Wednesday Briefs: Don't Look Back #9

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? Why, it's the Wednesday Briefers, come to share more flash fiction with y'all! Therefore, it must be Wednesday! Welcome back for more flash fiction fun. Hope everyone is having a great week, now that Hump Day has arrived!

The fun continues with Marshall and Lee, as they move the action to a different venue, one that's a little wetter. Hope you're enjoying this series! Don't forget to visit the other Briefers, and be aware that we have a FLASH VIRGIN among us! Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Don't Look Back #9 

Lee’s simple statement of intent derailed Marshall’s entire thought process. In the back of his mind, he remembered the bet. But the prospect of being fucked was a temptation calculated to distract.

Washing dishes wasn’t so bad, was it? Surely worth the price of paradise.

Damn, Lee knew him only too well.

Marshall felt his resolve crumbling. “After I suck you off?” he suggested, although he damn well knew the answer to that particular brand of idiocy.

Lee snorted. “I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, boy. You do that and we’re done, and you know it. I was just thinking. Why don’t we take this outside? To the shower?”

And that was the final nail in Marshall’s coffin.

It wasn’t like they didn’t have indoor plumbing. Of course they did. They might live in the boonies, but there was still a certain level of civilization to be found there, even in Burnham. The outdoor shower was a feature Lee had added himself, for days when they came back from hunting or camping or other outdoor activities, too filthy to even think about stepping foot inside. It was handy, it was damn practical... and it was a good way to fuck in the outdoors to their hearts’ content, while also coming clean.

While he was debating, Lee reached down and pulled Marshall into his lap. Their cocks rubbed together slickly, Lee’s wet with Marshall’s saliva and pre-cum. Lee snaked his hand beneath Marshall, thumbing across his quivering hole.

“Now, which would you rather do? Stay here and suck me off... or go out there and get your ass pounded?”
Was that even a question? Lee obviously realized that as well as Marshall did.

“Take out the towels and I’ll meet you there.” Before releasing Marshall, Lee slid the tip of his thumb inside him, and Marshall whimpered needily.

Lee smiled. “You’ll get a whole lot more than that,” he promised, withdrawing the digit, to Marshall’s dismay. Lee swatted his ass; Marshall savored the burn.

“Now git.”

Marshall scrambled up off Lee’s lap, loping all the way to the linen closet. He grabbed two fluffy towels. Everything else they’d need was already there. Lee was gone by the time he raced back through the family room, headed toward the kitchen and the back door.

Marshall’s bare feet slapped against the wood of the back stairs as he took them two at a time. Lee had already started the water and was standing inside the wooden enclosure. The shower wasn’t totally enclosed, the walls only reaching to about shoulder height, affording them a view of their land.  Marshall also had a great view of Lee.

Water cascaded down Lee’s fit body, flattening his dark hair against his skull. Marshall set the towels on the outside rack, where they wouldn’t get wet, and let himself inside the shower. There he got the complete picture, which never failed to turn him on. 

Lee’s head was thrown back, his eyes closed, one hand on his chest, tweaking a nipple, the other stroking his hard cock.

What a total turn-on.

“Come on in, the water’s fine.” Lee beckoned, crooking a finger at Marshall. Marshall didn’t hesitate. He moved into the warm spray, stepping close to Lee. Lee opened his eyes, and pulled Marshall closer, so close their cocks attempted to engage, even as he claimed Marshall’s mouth. Their teeth clicked together, before lips parted and tongues collided.

Lee’s hand slid between them. He palmed Marshall’s cock and tugged at it hard. “Turn around and spread your legs,” he commanded, and Marshall complied.

Lee slid his fingers between Marshall’s cheeks, lightly teasing his hole. Marshall knew exactly what he was doing—gauging how much lube, if any, was needed before he entered Marshall.

“I’m ready now,” Marshall insisted, but Lee kept probing anyway.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” He slid one whole finger inside of Marshall, setting off pleasurable sensations in his nerve endings. When Lee seemed satisfied, he pulled the finger out. “Assume the position.”

Marshall was more than happy to comply. He placed his hands on top of the wall, leaning toward it, presenting his ass to Lee. He had a wonderful view of their backyard and the land beyond, including the birds that came to bathe in the bird bath or peck at one of several feeders.

“Guess you’re ready, aren’t you?” Lee’s lust-laden voice reverberated against Marshall’s ear as he stepped up behind him, pressed against him tightly, his erection digging into his ass. Marshall knew that wouldn’t last long; he savored it while he could.

“Yes, Sir,” Marshall throatily replied. “Ready for you, Sir.” He felt Lee widen his stance just a little bit more, and he relaxed into his touch, his body fairly thrumming with anticipation.

Lee entered him in one swift thrust.

Marshall tightened his grip on the wall, catching his breath at the sudden intrusion. He loved it rough, but it took a little adjustment when his body considered Lee’s entrance an invasion. Marshall adjusted to the fullness that Lee’s length brought as his breathing evened out.

He leaned back into Lee as a sign that he was good with it and ready to go on. Lee pulled almost completely out and slammed inside again.

Goddamn, goddamn... so fucking good.

When Lee said pound, he wasn’t kidding. Swift and hard. Gloriously hard. This was lovemaking at its most primitive, elemental level. This was lust mixed with want mixed with need. Marshall needed Lee as he needed the air he breathed, the food he ate. He knew Lee felt the same way. Other people might not understand, but they did.

Again and again. Harder, stronger. Lee reached around and grasped Marshall’s cock, pumping it. Marshall felt his explosion was imminent. He pushed back against Lee’s thrusts, his insides coiling like writhing snakes. He turned his head to meet Lee’s, their lips crashing together as he let go, feeling Lee release inside him.

to be continued

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