Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tease Me Thursday #1: When Will I See You Again

Today, MA & I are proud to kick off our new venture - Tease Me Thursday. A little bit of fun when it's not quite Friday, and you're ready for the week to end. A way for readers to enjoy their favorite authors and meet new ones. Hope you like us!

Today, I'm going to give  you an excerpt from my first Amber Quill release, When Will I See You Again.This is seven paragraphs that chronicles an intimate moment between Raoul and Alexx. Raoul is the charismatic werewolf that runs the popular supernatural nightclub Charisma, and Alexx is a young wannabe crime reporter. Fate has thrown them together. For what purpose remains to be seen. Don't forget to the visit the other authors, you'll find them at the end of my post. Enjoy!

They took turns undressing one another, watching with undisguised pleasure as each bit of bare flesh was laid open to view; they tossed their clothes helter skelter onto the floor. When they were naked, they fell together in a tangle of limbs; their mouths joined as their hands and fingers explored one another with unabashed joy.

Raoul found he could not stop kissing Alexx, surprised and delighted when the younger man actually took the initiative and slipped his tongue inside Raoul’s mouth, ravishing it with innocent abandon. His hand placement felt a little more unsure, a little shyer, so Raoul took one of Alexx’s hands in his and placed it against his engorged cock, encouraging him. Alexx slipped his hand about Raoul’s erection, his thumb sliding across the cockhead. Raoul shivered and moaned, his other hand gliding down Alexx’s back, feeling the individual vertebrae beneath his fingertips, until he reached his beautifully taut ass. There he slid his fingers between those inviting cheeks and over Alexx’s entrance. God, there was so much he wanted to do with Alexx, so much he wanted to share.

He heard Alexx’s intake of breath as he touched his most intimate parts, his other hand continuing to caress and touch anywhere and everywhere. It wasn’t that he was avoiding touching Alexx’s cock, it was just that that was not his sole object; he wanted to know Alexx as intimately as possible. He drew back slightly, his eyes seeking Alexx’s; searching for something… what, he wasn’t sure.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, not at all,” Alexx reassured him, claiming his lips once more, causing Raoul to lose his train of thought.

It was becoming increasingly harder to think, his emotions rushing to the forefront, being let loose for the first time in many years, but Raoul was determined, because he knew he had to do this properly, make sure he got it perfect for this, their first time together. His heart told him this would not be the last time, and he wanted to make damn sure he didn’t fuck things up. He started to insert the tip of one finger into Alexx’s tightness, before it dawned on him he should use lube. The question was, did he have any?

He reluctantly withdrew the finger. Alexx moaned and pressed against him, their hardnesses rubbing together as he whispered into Raoul’s ear, “What’s wrong? Keep going. I want you to…”

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