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Wednesday Briefs: No Way Out #18

Hard to believe it's Wednesday already!The week is flying by! I took a new character at the rp game I play in and I'm having tons of fun with him. His name is Jaqen H'ghar, and he's from Game of Thrones. Very easy on the eyes lol

This week, the prompts were: "Are you hung enough?" or "crazy in love" or use a pickle or have a character dye his or her hair, or "I'll roast you over an open flame if you..." or make a Queen reference or use a lap dance or "desperately seeking..." or use: parsley, sage, rosemary and them (without singing Scarborough Fair lol) or use: "Two's company, but three's ..."

Last week, in No Way Out, Lukas began to talk to Wyatt of things he has no idea of. This week, there's more of the same. The question is, can he handle knowing it? Enjoy! And don't forget to check out my fellow Briefers and their tales! Their links follow my story!

No Way Out #18

 “Okay, so he has a club.” Wyatt was still confused, but at a look from Lukas, he stilled his tongue.

“This has nothing to do with art, and everything to do with obedience. With pleasure and pain. With domination and submission.”

Wyatt couldn’t seem to help himself, the words just rolled off his tongue. “What are you telling me? You’re a disciple of the Marquis de Sade?” He snorted his amusement, even if the joke was ill-timed, and in questionable taste. But when Lukas didn’t laugh, Wyatt quieted immediately. “Oh fuck...”

“Very eloquent, even if oversimplified. Just rid yourself of any lurid images that are flashing through your mind. And forget about all those B movies with whips and chains and torture chambers...”

Wyatt breathed a sigh of relief. “So none of that exists?”

“Oh yes, it does. Very much so. But the reality isn’t what you think it is. And you’d be surprised at who all practices it.”

A pulse point at Wyatt’s temple began to pound.

“Keep sipping,” Lukas advised. He raised the glass to his lips, allowing the amber liquid to burn its way down his throat.

“B. D. S. M.” Lukas checked each letter off on a finger. “B is for bondage, d is for discipline. It’s also for dominance. S is for submission, and m masochism. But there’s variations. Bondage and discipline. Dominance and submission. Sadism and masochism. BDSM has become sort of a catch-all phrase for a lot of activities under this one umbrella. But however you spell it, or whatever letters or words you use, what it comes down to is a way of life. One that many people take very seriously.”

Wyatt’s head was spinning with the overabundance of information.  “How do you know so much about this...” His words trailed off as his brain caught up with the conversation. “So you... you’re into this? And this club you’re talking about...?”

“Yes, I am, and Sweet Majesty is where I go to meet with likeminded individuals. People with the same sorts of... interests.”

That was a whole lot to take in at one time. “What goes on there?” He was almost afraid to know. “People walking around in leather? Or nude? Orgies? Spankings, beatings... what? And what do you do? I mean, what do you call yourself? I mean...” The words trailed off as he noticed a slight tinge of red color Lukas’ cheeks.

“I call myself your friend is what I call myself.” He took a deep breath, and Wyatt watched as he regained his normal coloring. “I know this is a lot,” he agreed, “but you wanted to know. I’m what you would refer to as a Dom. A Dominant. But it’s a lot more than just telling someone what to do. It’s developing a level of trust with your submissive, and it’s learning about his needs, and understanding them, and taking care of them and him.”

A terrible suspicion began to grow in Wyatt’s breast, one he was afraid to put voice to. And yet, how could he do otherwise?

He took a long sip of the bourbon, desperately seeking answers in its warmth. But none was forthcoming from that source; Lukas was the only one that had those. “What has this got to do with... I mean, all this stuff about that club. And about BDSM. Where does Shy come into this? Shy and Randy, I guess? I don’t understand.”  If he understood correctly, these things happened years ago, long before Shy was even born.
Did he really want to know the truth?

Wyatt shuddered a deep breath, tightened his grip on the glass, and forced himself to listen.

“I knew Randy before he moved into the neighborhood,” Lukas confessed. “I was the one who told him the house was for sale. Even though he was young, he was already a successful businessman. Plus his family had some money. Enough for him to buy the house.”

“Did you meet him at—Is he a member of... your club?”

Lukas nodded. “He is.”

“And... is he a Dom, did you say? Like you?”

There was a long pause. So long that Wyatt began to think Lukas didn’t intend to answer. But finally, Lukas shifted his position on the couch again and replied. “He considers himself a Dom, but from what I’ve seen of them, I think it’s more of a master/slave relationship. He... he has no idea of what it really means to be a Dom. It’s men like him that give the lifestyle a bad name. All he wants is control, that’s all. He gives no real thought to Shy’s well-being.”

“Oh dear God.” Wyatt was appalled. His hand shook so badly, he had to set the glass onto the coffee table. “Does he... does he take Shy... there?”

Lukas nodded. “Sometimes. Sometimes he comes alone. Wyatt, are you sure you want to hear more?”

A tight band had formed about Wyatt’s heart, squeezing mercilessly. “Yes,” he replied, his voice almost a growl. “I need to know, Lukas. Tell me.”

Lukas swallowed hard, his eyes meeting Wyatt’s. “He parades Shy in front of the others as his possession. Sometimes naked. Often naked. Often at the end of a chain. He does it to show off his virility, it’s an ego thing.” Lukas’ voice held a measure of disgust that he couldn’t hide. “He... he tells him what to do, and Shy does it. No matter what.”

“Such as?” Wyatt clenched his fists, a rage such as he’d never felt before growing inside his chest, threatening to tear him apart if he heard any more.

“Such as servicing anyone that Randy tells him to. Oral only,” Lukas hastily added. “No one is allowed... that is, he doesn’t have to...”

“So the great Randy doesn’t allow anyone to fuck Shy? How kind of him.”

“Kindness has nothing to do with it, I’m afraid,” Lukas said. “No one touches what’s Randy’s without his permission. No one.”

to be continued

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  1. Great chapter. Love how Wyatt is so upset about how Shy is treated.

  2. Chilling. I'm looking forward to going to the club even more than ever. I get it that Randy is all about control and reputation no matter what Shy has to do to maintain it. This time it's going to be about punishment and Shy is going to pay for his meeting with Wyatt. Can't wait