Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guest Blogger Killarney Sheffield

Blurb:  Marie Antoinette. Beheaded in the prime of her life. What if her fate was changed? What if she escaped that night the castle was stormed? What if she was mistaken for a common woman? What if she found herself aboard a convict ship bound for Australia? What if she had a second chance at life and love? 

Excerpt:  Fear slid its icy fingers up her breastbone and took hold of her heart. How long would a mere dozen guards hold the unruly mob outside before they were overpowered? “Has my brother in Austria not sent word of his protection yet?” Marie held up her arms so Adele could slip the nightdress over her head.
    "No, Your Highness. I fear the missive you sent him was waylaid or deliberately not delivered.”
    There is no help coming. What am I to do? It has been whispered all about the palace for weeks the commoners are calling for our heads. Her hands trembled with distress. Is there no hope? I do not want to die. I have many years left to live. Desperate tears trickled down her cheeks. Oh why did my father give my hand to the French heir to the throne those many years ago? I gave up my home in Austria, my precious pet dog, my family and friends to forge a bond between my country and the prince's. It has all been for naught thanks to my husband, now the King of France for only a few short years since his father's passing. Wastrel. Simple minded wastrel.
    Anger hardened her emotions and she swiped away the tears. It is not fair. I could have ruled better, however even the Queen of France has less authority than a common woman. Damn my husband. Her hand came to rest upon her still flat belly. Will the commoners really behead me when I am with child? Would they be so cruel and heartless to kill an unborn innocent babe?

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  1. What a perfectly unusual and fascinating storyline! I would love to read what happens next...

  2. Thanks Ladies! In honor of the release of my 7th novel Marie I would love to give you each a copy. Contact me @ with 'Marie winner' in the subject line and let me know what formatting you would like. Thanks again and I hope you both enjoy Marie.