Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Briefs: A Halloween Flash

Happy Halloween to one and all and welcome to the Halloween edition of the Wednesday Briefs! This week we had picture prompts and these verbal prompts: "Welcome to my home, I am..." or use: ghost, lightning, fear or use Halloween candy in some day or "It's alive" or use any sort of vampire or werewolf or mummy or witch. In honor of the occasion (and because the theme didn't really fit with Stan and Ollie) I set them aside for one week, but rest assured they will return next time. Instead, I brought back two of my favorite characters, Max and Richard, from my To the Max series. I hope you enjoy them, and if you do, you can see more of them here and here. Don't forget to check out all the other Wednesday Briefers, whose links follow my tale. And don't forget to say Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat on Lupercalia Lane

I knew I was in trouble when Richard refused to show me his costume ahead of time. He insisted that it would be a grand reveal to both me and the trick-or-treating throngs that beat a path to our door on their annual trek. Well, perhaps throngs is an exaggeration as we live in the relative country, on our own private street. Not a high traffic area. But we do get a few visitors on Halloween. And we do like to decorate our house and yard for the occasion.
Who am I kidding? We love to put up decorations, and have ever since we moved in, twenty years ago. The first year was comparatively meager, but as time passed, we acquired more and more. Now we have a cemetery, a spooky forest, a variety of jack o’lanterns, and the recorded sounds of Halloween, including readings by the master of the macabre, fellow St. Louisan Vincent Price.

“Are you about ready?” I knock on the bedroom door, uncharacteristically closed to me. He can be such a diva at times, I swear.

“Just about, Max,” he assures me, just as I hear the door bell ring. Bugger.

“Hurry up,” I mumble as I hasten to greet the first arrivals. But there aren’t any costumed young ones standing at the door. It’s Rachel. She’s dressed in a very Goth fashion; long slinky black dress, and matching boots that lace up the front. She strikes a pose, as I open the door, one hand on her hip, the other flashing blood-red talons.

“You need me to open the door now?” I chide her as she walks past.

“Of course,” she returns in a faux Transylvanian accent. “Ve must be invited inside, don’t you know?”

“Uh-huh. Yeah. You’ve been watching bad vampire movies again, haven’t you?”

She laughs and throws her arms around me, before she stands back to admire my costume. “Ooh, I like it, but I’m not sure you who are?”

“Wait a sec, you’ll see.” I hurry into the kitchen, where I’ve left my unusually large chapeau, then hasten back, donning it as I go. As I reach Rachel, I do a combination bow and curtsey. “Milady…”

She claps her hands together and squeals. “Ooh, the Mad Hatter! I just love it! That’s awesome, Max, you look amazing.”

“Thank you, thank you,” I modestly reply.

“Who’s Richard going to play? The White Knight, maybe? I think that would suit him, don’t you?”

I wrinkle my nose. “I don’t know. He won’t tell me. For all I know, he’s going as Alice.”

Rachel laughs. “Sorry, I can’t imagine him in a dress. Think maybe he’ll dress up like Rocky again?”

My lover wore a gold lame Speedo, while I donned lingerie and make-up to attend a late night showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Never again. For a multitude of reasons.

“If he ever does that again, there’ll be no one but me to appreciate the view.” I confidently smirk.

“Spoilsport.” She sticks her tongue out as the doorbell rings. Real trick-or-treaters this time. Good thing I’m prepared, have been for a while. I’m anal that way, you know. I grab the big bowl of candy while Rachel answers the door. We duly admire the witches and ghosts that stand on the front porch. They tell us jokes and riddles, we laugh appreciatively and/or pretend to be stumped, give them their candy, and bid them a Happy Halloween.

I turn a surly eye in the direction of my bedroom. Where is my lovely blond? How long does it take to put on a costume? I raise my voice to carry down the hall. “Miss Swanson, we’re ready for your close up now.” Rachel snickers.

I hear the door open just a crack. “Max? Close your eyes. I want to make an entrance.”

Seriously? Sheesh. I mumble something about ditzy blonds, and huge egos, but I obediently close my eyes as he requested. “Yours closed too?” I query Rachel.

“Oh hell no.” She laughs. “He’s your boyfriend, not mine. I’m looking.”

I can tell from her intake of breath that my boy has outdone himself in some way and I’m dying to find out, biting my lip in my impatience.

“Open up, love.” That’s his sultry voice, and even without looking at him, it’s doing things to me. Even after all these years together. I turn in the direction of his voice and open my eyes and my jaw drops in amazement. My first thought is what the hell? And I begin to see red—figuratively and literally. Is he having fun at my expense?

Red. A flowing red cape so bright it’s blinding. Something to put the Scarlet Letter to shame. A wicker basket hangs over one arm. It’s obvious to me whom he’s supposed to be. Little Red Riding Hood, of course. Which makes me the Big Bad Wolf, doesn’t it? Maybe I’m just sensitive, but my hackles rise, and I feel myself emit a low growl.

But just then he opens up the cape, and my oh my oh my. He’s wearing a red velvet bustier that hugs his muscular form in all the right ways. His long legs are encased in black fishnet stockings, and I spot a red garter at the top of one thigh. I swallow hard at the sight.

“My my.” He leans in toward me. “What big eyes you have.”

Rachel pokes me.  Oh yeah.

“The better to see you with,” I manage to mumble.

He runs one hands over his thigh, and licks his lips. I start to melt inside.

“What big lips you have…”

“That’s teeth,” Rachel corrects.

“We don’t use teeth.” Oh God. I thrust the bowl at Rachel. “Watch the door for a few minutes, willya, Rach?”

Her laughter follows us all the way down the hall and into our room. I don’t care.

“Trick or treat, love,” Richard whispers just before he turns out the light.

And there's your Halloween treat, hope you liked it, and hope  you enjoyed this extra little glimpse of Max and Richard. Now check out the other Trick or Treaters, I mean Wednesday Briefers!

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Until next time, take care! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

♥ Julie


  1. WoW, I loved it. You just had to have the Mad Hatter in there didn't you :) I want to see someone in that costume, RIGHT NOW :)

    1. I know, right? I just adore a hot Mad Hatter - starting with Blood Dupre, in Alice in the Country of Hearts. Then the Mad Hatter in SyFy Alice. And the Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time. And the Mad Hatter in Malice in Wonderland.

      See a pattern here? lol

      Johnny Depp was not a sexy Hatter, though, just nuts.

  2. LOL! What a delightful tease. I'm so glad you went with a Halloween themed story; that was fun.

  3. Way to go with Red Riding Hood and the wolf. :D This was great fun!