Friday, May 11, 2012

An Unexpected Twist in the Borgias, Chopped All Star Finale, and more

The Borgias is going well, thanks in no small part to the hotness that is Cesare Borgia (Francois Arnaud), and this season is off to a great start **Spoilers ahead** We've seen Lucrezia's lover murdered, and the Pope bed a young male artist (except he's really a she, in disguise), watched Cesare bluff the French king with plaster cannon in defense of Rome, and watched the same king torture a man gruesomely. Saw Della Rovere poisoned, leading him to become more cautious about his food and drink. Saw the French king take out his frustration at  not being able to attack Rome on a convent (the one where Cesare's lover was), watched Cesare take a more active, albeit secret, part in the sport of war. But what was totally unexpected and most delightful came when Cesare traveled to Forli to deal with Caterine Sforza, cousin to Giovanni (husband of Lucrezia). He took Micheletto with him, who was from Forli, and was able to see his mother, who believes he's studying medicine in Rome - a delusion which Cesare did nothing to dispel. Later, as Micheletto waits for Cesare in the cemetery, an old friend approaches, they exchanged a few words, and then began to disrobe - and yes, they were lovers and it was glorious! I love the Borgias even more now!

Sunday night came the Chopped All Star finale which brought together the four winners from the competitions before - Michael Symon, Jeffrey Saad, Penny, and Marcus Samuelsson. I hated that Penny beat Vic to get in, I didn't think she was worthy, and I prayed for an early defeat. An unfortunate error of omission tossed Michael Symon out in the first round, and then Penny was routed after the second, leaving Jeffrey  face to face with  Marcus. While I find Jeffrey a very amiable fellow, I just knew his talent wasn't the same caliber as Marcus', and thus is proved to be the case, as Marcus won in the dessert round! Congratulations to a very talented chef!
Next week, Food Network Star begins a new season, should be interesting.

Once Upon A Time comes to a dramatic close next week,and it looks  like Emma is going to do what she was meant to do - break the curse and free the inhabitants of Storybrooke. We've learned August's secret, that he is Pinocchio. Mary Margaret is free from the charge of killing Catherine, since she's still alive. And Regina got poor deluded Sidney Glass to confess to setting it all up. A desperate Regina has brought the very sexy Hatter back, and he's helped her retrieve a bit of magic from her world in the form of a poisoned apple. But her plan backfires when Henry eats the apple, not Emma. I have to wonder if that will be the jolt that Emma needs to finally believe and set everything in motion. I also wonder once the equilibrium is restored - what next? Will there be a season two, and where will they go? I'm actually coming to like Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin - I hope he's around next season too.

Grimm's season finale is this week, tonight in fact, and from what I've seen of the previews, Hank is going to see Monroe in his blutbad form - oh my! This show is highly imaginative, and very creative, and I'm excited that it's been renewed for a new season. Personally, I'm sort of hoping Juliette finds out what's going on and leaves Nick - I don't think she's much of an asset to him or the show. I like Monroe's new love interest, the lady apothecary. And Renard makes a sufficiently evil, albeit handsome villain.

Interior Therapy, Wednesday nights on Bravo, with Jeff Lewis is a fun show. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but I do.; In each episode, Jeff and his assistant Jenni stay in a client's home while they  help solve his decorating issues. This week featured overly large furniture crammed into a small house by the wife, while the husband had no say-so. By the time they left, the house looked really nice, and the husband turned out to have better taste than his wife. Last week's featured a man with a bow tie fetish, who was redecorating his home before his gf moved in, but from the get-go, you got the idea he didn't really want her to move in and didn't care what she thought. By the time Jeff and Jenni left, I was pretty sure that couple was heading for Splitsville. Next week is the season finale, which is sad, but I hope that they get Flipping Out back on the air soon; I miss seeing Gage, Jeff's SO.

Hawaii 5-0 had a cross-over episode last week with some of the cast of NCIS. Unfortunately, I didn't know this ahead of time, or that the second part of this would be shown on NCIS the next night. By the time I even watched the first part, it was already too late to record NCIS. I'll have to catch it online, which is annoying. CBS should have handled that a bit better for those of us who don't watch both shows. And no, there were no promos the week before because there was no Hawaii 5-0 the week before. Just food for thought. So I'm behind on that til I catch up, but I saw that this week's episode features Wo Fat, which I'm looking forward to seeing.

Well, that's it for now, I'll save the rest for later - Awake, Vampire Diaries, Restaurant Impossible and Sandwich King.

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie


  1. I don't watch the Borgias, though it's on my list because I love period shows, and shows with lots of sex. I'm currently working my way through The Tudors and enjoying that very much. Your Borgia posts make me eager to visit this family! I've certainly read enough about them. :)

    I used to like Once Upon a Time more than Grimm, but now I find I like Grimm more. You're not the only one who wishes Juliette would either 1) move on, or 2)turn out to be another Grimm or some other interesting thing. Monroe is my favorite character by far, and I agree his love interest adds to the show. I get a kick out of the different politics of the Wesen folk. In Once Upon a Time, I like Mr. Gold/Rumpie. Carlyle is a good enough actor to give the character depth and pull off a creepy yet tragic vibe.

  2. I loved the Tudors, but I love the Borgias even more, in large part due to Cesare. A couple things disappointed me about the Tudors - while I enjoy JRM's portrayal, he looks nothing like Henry, and Jane Seymour was all wrong too.

    Monroe is awesome! At the rp game, I play, we have a Nick, but no Monroe. Do you rp by any chance? lol And Mr. Gold is turning out to be one of my faves too, a lot of depth to his character. Hatte is just plain hot!