Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blissekiss Spring Fling has arrived!

What is spring but a renewal of life, a reaffirmation of vitality after the little death of winter? Much like a vow renewed, love rekindled. My second book in my To The Max series starts with just such a scene, with Max and Richard together again, despite the vicissitudes suffered in the first book.  You can find For Love of Max here. If you read all the way to the end of this blog, you'll find a way of winning a copy.

For those of you not acquainted with my boys, a little background: Max Montague is a forty-something gay man and he writes an advice column called To the Max. Oh, he's also a werewolf. Richard Burke is his long time lover and well-known photographer in his own right. Max's mother, Juliet, likes to set him up on blind dates. Of course he resists. You can see more of them in To The Max, from Dreamspinner Press. I can't tell you more, don't want to give away the first book!

So, here are my boys, happy, in love, and renewing that love in their backyard!

Now, where were we? Oh yes, Richard and I have our lips locked together like a couple of love-starved fools, and we're crying and laughing at the same time, and I've just agreed to marry him….
Yes, I did say marry, and I know there are those who will look upon us askance. Gay marriage is far from an accepted lifestyle in this country, even in this supposedly enlightened day and age. In fact it is not only frowned upon, but largely banned. And mostly by people who are afraid of us. Why? Good question. I won't even get into religious ethics, or a discussion of the Bible, nor Christian precepts. Let me just say that disliking or hating someone on the basis of their sexual orientation is just as wrong as hating them for the color of their skin, or for their religious beliefs. And forbidding people to legally wed for the same reason is simply wrong. Where do you draw the line? Mixed race couples, mixed religion couples? What happened to loving one another, regardless of who they are? We are not sinners, we are simply human….
Anyway, we are here and warm… and touching, and loving, and all of the bad air has been expelled, and all that is left is the love in our hearts, the love we bear for one another, which envelops us and cradles us gently. Now we truly begin….
Principessa, our darling King Charles spaniel and our only child, is running circles around us now, excited by our excitement. Her daddies are together again, and very obviously happy. We break the kiss to bestow caresses on our baby. She clambers in between us and we manage to cuddle around her.
"Max, I'm so sorry…"
"Shhh." I lay a finger against his lips. "No apologies, no regrets. Just us and the future. Our future. Together."
He nods solemnly. "I'll never leave you again, Max," he swears, "I'll never disappear without a word, I promise. I'm yours for as long as you'll have me."
"And I am yours," I echo, "'til death do us part."
Our lips come together with soft sighs, and sensual shivers that run between us like electrical charges. We haven't touched at all since the ill-fated night of the last full moon, and the undischarged desire we bear for one another is enough to jump-start a dead car battery.
"I've missed you so much," he murmurs into my lips, "I need you, Max, I always will…."
"And I need you Richard," I reply softly. "Nights without you are far too long… and lonely…."
He moves closer now, his tongue seeking and receiving permission to enter my mouth, his fingers winding through my hair. We are content to let our lips do all the talking. No need to rush, we have all the time in the world—now that we are together again, never to be parted. Our eyes locked in mutual admiration. Our hearts bound in mutual bliss. Our puppy becomes bored with us, and our apparent inactivity, and settles down for a nap, watching us with those big, brown spaniel eyes. We stretch out together in the grass, oblivious to what we might be doing to our three-piece suits. Stains are made to be removed, are they not?
He rolls me over to take the dominant position above me—I love when he does that, for just between us he does dominate and I do tend to submit—it's simply the natural order of our lives. He catches my wrists in his strong grasp, pulling them over my head, holding them against the soft grass, showing me who's in control—not that I don't know that already.
"Tell me what Max wants." He rubs against me suggestively; the material separating us only serves to enhance the friction between our hardening cocks in a delightfully maddening way.
"Max wants Richard," I respond promptly, predictably. "Max wants Richard to come back home, where he belongs… in Max's bed… their bed…."
"Our bed," Richard echoes, licking my chin softly, squirming against me.
God, I want him so badly.

Now for the fun part. Two lucky commenters will win a copy of For Love of Max!  Yes, two! It's spring, and love is in the air, right? Just comment and tell me the most unusual place you've ever been kissed (I'll leave that open to interpretation, btw lol), and don't forget to leave your email address, and please follow my blog! No email address, though, is an automatic disqualification.

All right, let the fun commence!  Happy Spring, let's do some flinging!

♥ Julie


  1. Thanks for joining in with the Spring Fling! I loved your kiss!

    1. Thanks for having me, victoria! I'm glad you did, they're very special to me!

  2. In front of a gun case at Sportsmans Warehouse. Hubby has this awful habit of buying himself things before gift-giving holidays. Drives me nuts. So there he is, checking out this scope for a gun. A scope I had already bought for him.

    *Rolls eyes* I ended up having to tell him so he wouldn't buy the damn thing. LOL, I got soundly kissed right there in the middle of the place while other men stood around applauding. I think they were clapping because I bought hubby the scope, lol.


    1. I've had that happen! Bought something and then the person ends up trying to pick up that exact item and you have to confess!

      What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hmm... I guess it would have to be on the outside walk atop an air traffic control tower! I worked for the airport and my now-husband came to visit so I arranged a tour. The guy in charge of the tower took us out on the walk. It's a great view of the city.

    The tower is so exposed everyone for miles around could see it. That's when I said to my man, "I'm going to kiss you for all of Wisconsin to see!" And I did. Of course, the traffic controllers saw us, too. They had us do it again while one of them took our picture with my guy's camera.

    1. That is so romantic! I'd love to see that pic :)

  4. In my office at work! It was totally unexpected and a bit exciting, I must admit!

    I've added For Love of Max to my must have list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

    1. Oooh, the best kind!

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you love Max as much as I do!

  5. I have not read this and now I have it on my wish list...thanks!!

  6. The most unusual place I've been kissed was under a bathroom sink.

    Meljprincess AT aol DOT com