Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something Different - a mini Flash

Today I'm going to do something different, and if it works out, I may do it more often. Call it a mini-flash if you will. But I'm going to post a prompt,  and your job is to write a scene about it. The catch is that you can't exceed 100 words.  Post your stories here, I'll post mine tomorrow, and the winner can pick something from my backlist!  Be sure I have your email address!  The winner will be determined by a random drawing of those who post. You also have to follow my blog to win.  Good luck!

Today's prompt:  Use these three words in your mini-flash:  gila monster, unite, symbiotic

Edit:  I'm going to run the contest through the weekend, don't forget to enter!  Monday morning, I'll announce a winner!

1 comment:

  1. Here's mine, just for fun:

    He was sure the blazing desert sun was frying his brain. The filthy bandana stuck to his forehead , crusted black with dried blood, salty with old sweat.

    Damn her anyway. At least now he knew the truth – she’d united with his enemies and betrayed him in the worst possible way imaginable.

    What was it she had said just before they’d stranded him in the middle of nowhere, with half a canteen of water?

    Oh yes. Her and Satan were symbiotic. They were sympatico.

    Out of the corner of one eye, he spied a gila monster. It figured.