Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guest Blogging with Kitty

Today I'm turning my blog over to my very good friend Kitty.  Thanks for being here, Kitty, take it away!

Social media. 

First I want to thank you, Julie, for letting me write in your blog. This is a first for me, writing my own blog is one thing but writing in someone else's… Thanks! 

Let me introduce myself, the name is Kitty and I live in the Netherlands. I am sort of a nerd and I love anything computer… and internet. That fact brings me nicely into the topic I want to natter about today. Social media. I have accounts at several of the sites that are the place to be… TwitterFacebookBlogspot… I have them all. Sometimes I wonder why, but that is besides the point. There is a lot of ways to blog about this but I decided to take you all into the world of Animals and Social media.

When I made my account on Twitter I noticed that animals were on Twitter too. Of course, I had to check this out and I made my Dobermann, Evgeni, a Twitter account too. Within a week he was getting more followers then me, his followers actually read his tweets and replied to them too. They check out his pictures on TwitPic, check out what he does on Blogspot and Tumblr which are connected to his Twitter account. Beginning of last year he was no. 1 in the top Animal Twitters in the Netherlands and no. 2 for Europe. Who are his followers? Mostly dogs, cats and teddy bears… but also bunnies, mice, birds… even some humans. 

Now compare this to my Twitter account. If someone wants to follow me they usually want to sell me something, they don't respond to my tweets and pictures and coming to my Blogspot would be asking for too much. Is Evgeni's life more interesting? Probably not, he is blogging/tweeting about squeaky toys and walks in the park. Do I mind he is more social at the social media then me? No, I don't! The reason: I have found out that the animals on Twitter have virtual parties to support a good animal cause every month. 

When Evgeni has time he joins into the party and helps promote the good cause of the month. There are a lot of things to do on social media and not all  of them good, sadly a lot of spamming is going on but in all that madness that is social media there are great things. Not all on there are just into it to get more followers or to sell you things you don't need/want, some is just good fun. Fun to help out animals who are not as spoiled as our pets, animals who don't have a warm home with good food and vet care. 

If you are on Twitter or any other social media it might be nice to check out what the animals and teddy bears are up too… they might just be raising money for your favorite animal cause. 

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