Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome Stephanie Danielson!

In honor of my new blog, I'm reposting my first guest blogger!  Welcome if you will SL Danielson, author of Bernard: Diary of a 46 Year Old Bellhop, Lust in London, Ranch Hands, Life By the Numbers, and more.  Make her feel at home,and feel free to leave comments!  Show her the love!
Greetings! Author S. L. (Stephanie) Danielson here! Gearing up for what promises to be a great 2011!

First, I'd like to thank Julie for hosting me. She's terrific and I love working with and talking to her :)

OK, down to business. First, the news, I just submitted a sequel to 2010's smash hit "Ranch Hands" to my publisher. It's only been a few days, but keep your fingers
crossed! It's called "Ranch Hands 2; Jerry's Season."

Also, my new release is slated for release on March 26th, "Life After Math" which is also a sequel to 2009's "Love by the Numbers". If follows Scott
and Jared to college and the extreme pressures and drama that ensue from there.

That's it for news, now to current events. "Bernard; Diary of a 46-yr old Bellhop", my "newest" book has been out since Thanksgiving. I've gotten a lot of great reviews
on it and have been praised for creating the 'not so perfect' lead character.

I've attached an excerpt of Bernard for everyone. Available at Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu (paperback), and All Romance Ebooks.

“I want to give you something. I’ll be right back.” He stood up and exited the room for a moment. He returned with a book in his hand. Jack stood up to greet him.
“What is it?”
Bernard flipped the book over. It was his journal. “I’ve been thinking about this a lot. We’ve gotten a lot closer lately and I think it’s time. If you want to know me, I mean really know me, read this. I’ve had this depression a long time. I’d love for someone to finally try to understand me and not just the illness.”
Jack smiled at his friend and ran his fingers over the fabric on the cover. He remembered the first time he saw it in the hospital. He looked down into Bernard’s brilliant blue eyes and cupped his chin.
“I promise you, I will read this and not judge anything. I want to get to know the real you.”
Bernard smiled lightly. “Thanks, Jack. I hope you’ll still want to once you see what’s in those tattered pages.”
Jack leaned forward and kissed the man’s cheek again and pulled him in for a long embrace. “Don’t worry, I will.”
Bernard held on tight to his friend and tried to breathe in as much of his scent as possible. Finally, they let go.
“Thank you for dinner. You’re a great cook!”
“Thanks! I guess my Mom did teach me some stuff after all. They’re all diner recipes.”
Jack smiled and brushed Bernard’s hand. “I’ll see you later. Give me a couple of days to read this, alright?”
“Absolutely. I didn’t write very much, but take your time.”
“Will do. Good night, Bernard.”
“Night, Jack.”

Jack left the apartment and walked down the steps. Bernard locked the door behind him and leaned against the door. His heart jumped a few beats every time he thought of Jack even being near him! He felt sweat on his brow and wiped it away with his sleeve. “Hope he knows what he’s getting. Well, better go clean up.”

Jack returned two days later to Bernard’s apartment. He held something behind his back which the older man attempted to catch a glimpse of.
“What do you have there?” He asked while smiling.
Jack shook his head. “Nope, no peeking. Close your eyes first.”
Bernard laughed and shut his eyes. “Okay.”
Jack held up a white rose to his friend’s nose.
Bernard sniffed the air and could smell the rose. “Oh wow that smells good! What is that?” He opened his eyes and saw the flower and sniffed it again. “It’s beautiful!”
Jack smiled at him and spoke softly. “Bernard after reading your journal and learning about the real you, I could draw only one conclusion.”
“What’s that?” Bernard asked breathlessly.
“That I’d like to start my own healing process and I’d like to know if you’d be willing to go out with me?”
Bernard’s mouth gaped open and he looked at Jack in great surprise. “Are you sure?”
Jack rolled his eyes and let out a grunt. “Yes, I’m very sure. Here’s your journal back. I want us to learn about each other even more. It doesn’t even have to be sexual at first. We can just be dating for a while. What do you say?”


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  2. Love the cover. Good luck with the book.

  3. Thank you! It's gotten some great reviews so far...mostly in the 4-5 star range. :)
    I credit Jade for the great cover.

  4. Thank you for having me on here, Julie!

  5. Hi,

    I can't wait to read it. Thanks for inviting me!

  6. Thanks for coming, Steph, it's a pleasure to have you here!