Friday, January 21, 2011

Now we begin

Prior to this, I had a blog at Tumblr. Well, actually, I still do.  But today I came to the realization that I needed more, as I cannot even receive comments from other people, unless they have Tumblrs too.  So I decided to make another blog, here at Blogger, as I've seen others do.  Now, it remains to be seen how well this technologically challenged author will do at this, but I tell you what, I'm gonna give it a try!

Bear with me, if you would, I'll be making changes as I go, as I get a feel for things.  And I hope that I will actually blog on a more regular basis.

I'll make a brief intro then, shall I?  My name is Julie, I write under the name Julie Lynn Hayes, but call me Julie, or even Jules.  I have published with Wicked Nights, Silver Publishing and Dreamspinner.  I'm sure I'll be adding my titles here somewhere, eventually, but I'll list them for now:

To The Max:  novel, Dreamspinner, released 3/10
Prince Wore Pink Stilettos: short story, Dreamspinner, released 4/10
Lawn Boy: short story, Wicked Nights, released 10/10
Sex on the Beach Christmas Style: short story, Wicked Nights, released 11/10
Captivations 1: ongoing series, Wicked Nights, released 11/10
Captivations 2: All that jazz  released 12/10
Captivations 3: To Err is Human released 1/11
A Special Christmas: short story, Silver Publishing released 12/10

Sweet Dreams, My Love: novella, Dreamspinner - to be released 2/11
Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire: novella, Silver - to be released 2011

I also write under the name Reinette - my first novel Dark Love was released by Silver January 2011.

As you can see, I've been very busy and very blessed over a short period of time.  Also during that time, I became unemployed - fired by my brother after working for him for thirteen years.  He denies it, but it's because of my book Max.  I am still seeking employment, as making a living from writing royalties is very difficult to do.

I think I'll save the bio info for a bio section, there must be one here somewhere.  I'll figure it out.   This is my first post.  I hope that you enjoy reading what I do, and sharing my thoughts and feelings about things, and listening to yours.

Pull up a chair, and visit, why don't  you?  Everyone is welcome!  Let's all share some full moon dreaming!

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