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Wednesday Briefs: Super Trooper #7 (3.2)

Good morning and Happy Hump Day! If it's Wednesday, then it must be time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! We're a group of authors who bring you our finest flash fiction every week, 500 to 1000 words, inspired by one of our prompts.

Having accidentally run into each other at Partners, the gay bar in Tucker Falls, Evan and Chan end up having a drink together. Evan just doesn't take no for an answer, but Chan isn't exactly complaining either. What's going on with them? See for yourself in this week's chapter of Super Trooper. Don't forget to visit the other Briefers and see what's up with them! Their links follow my tale! Enjoy!

Super Trooper #7 (2.3)

“Chan. I’ll remember that.” Evan nodded.  His name was as exotic as the man himself. Their hands were warm together, comfortably so. It was with great reluctance that Evan finally withdrew his hand. “Are you from around here?”

“Oh yes, my parents were both born in this country, and so were their parents,” Chan quickly replied. “Don’t worry. We aren’t illegals, or anything.”

Evan understood his need to put that fact on the table, what with immigration being such a touchy issue nowadays, and what with Texas hosting so many immigrants, legal or otherwise. Still, he hadn’t wanted to put Chan on the defensive. “No, no, that’s not what I meant. I just meant here in Tucker Falls or somewhere else.”

Why was he pretending he didn’t already know the answer to that question? Hell, he’d just run the man’s license this morning and already had the address memorized. Or was he trying to seem less stalkerish by letting Chan tell him where he lived, assuming he wanted the trooper to even know?

“Oh, sorry.”

Damn, he was even more adorable when he blushed, his golden skin adopting a rosy glow.

“I grew up in Tucker Falls,” Chan said. “With my mother and stepfather, and my brothers and sister. I live in my own apartment now, a little ways outside of town. I was coming from there this morning, on my way to work when you…. When I….” His words trailed off.

When Evan pulled him over for speeding. Of course. That highway was the one most used by daily commuters to go in and out of Tucker Falls, the largest city in the area until you got to San Antonio. It was also the route where Evan wrote the most speeding tickets. Except for this one, of course.

Chan cleared his throat and began again. “I appreciate you did not give me a ticket this morning,” he said, as if reading Evan’s mind. “I assure you I do not usually go over the speed limit, I am a very law abiding citizen, but this morning I was running late. I stopped to help Mrs. Feinstein, and before I knew it, the time was slipping away from me and I was afraid I would be late for work.”

Punctuality was an admirable trait, one Evan could appreciate. He was very punctual himself, to the point of being early, and tended to be critical of those who chose to arrive anywhere at the last possible moment. He’d been accused of being very anal about his sense of time, but he ignored such comments, the way he ignored most of the other things people said about what they didn’t understand. He’d developed a thick skin in order to endure a great deal of suffering when he was younger.

“As long as it doesn’t happen again,” Evan said, suppressing a grin.

Chan quickly nodded his agreement.

“Unless, of course, you’re hoping I’ll pull you over again…”
* * * *
Chan was caught by surprise at the trooper’s comment, momentarily at a loss for words. While he had no desire to exceed the speed limit for any reason, the thought of seeing Evan again—in full official uniform and in all his dominating glory—was a very tempting one. One that would provide a great deal of food for “thought” later. Just imagining them role playing this morning’s scenario—the state trooper and the speeder—but with a far different outcome was an extreme turn-on to him.

Before he could articulate any sort of response with his recalcitrant tongue, Evan smiled, and Chan’s heart beat even faster at the sight.

“I know you wouldn’t do that. Except maybe in private.”

Chan was shocked. It was almost as if Evan had read his mind. Or were they really just on the same wavelength? He reached for his glass of ale and took a long hard drink to dampen his suddenly dry throat.

“You are right,” he finally got out. “Most definitely in private.”

Evan made no immediate reply. They continued to drink in a companionable silence. Well, relatively silent. There were people all around them, going about their lives. Chatting and laughing and having a good time. But it was almost as if they didn’t exist. For right now, there was only Chan and Evan, in this private world they were building by an unspoken mutual consent.

They finished their drinks, and Chan was thinking maybe he should offer to buy more, when suddenly Evan leaned across the table toward him. Chan stopped breathing, all too aware of the other man’s proximity. Was he going to kiss him? Right here and now? Did he want him to?

Was that even a serious question? Hell yes.

But apparently he’d only moved closer in order for Chan to hear him better. “Meet me in the parking lot,” he said in that deep tone of complete control Chan was growing to love.

Without another word, Evan rose, pushed back his chair, and made his way across the bar toward the door, never looking back. As if he knew what Chan would do… as if he trusted him to know what to do…

Chan rose without hesitation and followed in Evan’s wake.

to be continued

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