Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Valentine's Day Hop continues

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Not everyone celebrates this day, I know. Some people, like me, don't have a special someone in their lives. That doesn't matter, though. Who doesn't love the idea of love?

Today being Valentine's Day, I'm going to talk about some of the shows I love that I've been watching lately.

Forever:  Tuesdays on ABC

This is a show about an immortal medical examiner. That alone piqued my interest. But watching the show, I've fallen in love with it. Ioan Gruffudd plays Henry Morgan. For two hundred years, he has been unable to die, doomed to watch those he loves do what he cannot. During the Second World War, he adopted an infant abandoned at a concentration camp. That child is now fully grown, Abraham, and is played by Judd Hirsch. Alana de la Garza plays Jo Martinez, a cop whose husband has recently died.

I love the way Henry solves cases. I love the cases. I love the relationship between him and Jo. I love
the relationship between him and Lucas, his wisecracking geeky assistant. But most of all I love the relationship between Henry and Abe. I look forward to watching this every week, and hope it is picked up for another season.

Constantine: Fridays, NBC

To prepare for this show, I read the Hellblazer comics, I'd already seen the movie, with Keanu Reeves, and liked it, because I didn't know any better. Boy, did they get it wrong. Who the hell ever chose Keanu Reeves for that role?

In the TV series, Matt Ryan is a perfect John Constantine. Although the show deviates from canon a bit, it's close enough for government work, and very well done. The angel, Manny, isn't part of the book verse, but I like him. And Zed is a little different, but I like the differences. Ryan nails Constantine with every word, every action, with every breath he takes. He IS John Constantine.

Where the movie totally bolluxed the character of Chas, the series does it right, with a little twist.  For those of you who don't know John, he's an irreverent, sarcastic exorcist - a mage, if you will, whose soul was condemned to Hell for an act committed in the ignorance of youth, for which he wishes to atone. He can be a right selfish son of a bitch, but underneath it all, he has a large heart.

This is another show I'm worried won't be renewed. It's awesome.

Sleepy Hollow: Mondays, Fox

I've loved this show from the beginning, and it just keeps on getting better. This season, we saw the
bad seed return - aka Henry, son of Ichabod and Katrina Crane. Also back is Captain Irving, which is pretty good, since he died last season. Ichabod and Katrina's marriage is on shaky ground, which I can't say breaks my heart since I intensely dislike her. Ichabod is assimilating more and more into modern life. I suspect there are some rough times ahead, especially for the two Witnesses.

I imagine they have two horsemen left to contend with, and who knows what else. I hope this continues for a long while, and maybe Ichabod and Abby Mills can deep their relationship.

Coming back soon are The Following and The Vikings. Sarah and I are still catching up on Person of Interest. We're almost done with Season Three now. It's been an interesting, albeit sad season, with the loss of one of the team. I wasn't surprised since I saw she had a new series coming out. The loony tunes woman who thinks she's in touch personally with the computer is still around. She gets on my nerves. I've come to like Shaw, though.

Another season of Top Chef just ended. My favorite chef won, Chef Mei, but I have to say this season wasn't particularly memorable. I hope the next one is better. I still wish they'd put Sweet Genius back on. I miss seeing Chef Ron.

Going to leave you here, hope everyone's having a great day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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