Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tease me Thursday #33: Don't Look Back

When it's almost Friday, and you're itching to do something fun, come on in, and have a tease! It's Tease Me Thursday, and we're going to show you our 7! Whether 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs.

So sit back and relax, think about the weekend, and let's have a little bit of fun!

This week's tease comes from my ongoing flash story - Don't Look Back. Marshall and Lee have an unusual relationship, a very loving one. This week, they're having some fun in the sun. Enjoy!

Lee knew what Marshall wanted—Lee always understood Marshall’s needs. Marshall watched as Lee moved his hand from Marshall’s balls, picked up the lube and one-handedly pushed open the cap. He spilled a small amount of the lube onto Marshall’s stomach; it was cool to the touch, not unpleasantly so. Setting the tube aside, Lee dipped his fingers into the substance, slicking them. “Spread’em, sweet cheeks,” he directed, and Marshall happily obeyed.

Marshall pulled his legs back and held them against his chest, knowing this would give Lee greater access.

“How many?” Lee wanted to know, licking the top of Marshall’s cock.


“Let’s work up to that, why don’t we? Start with two?”

Marshall nodded his assent. Lee slid two fingers slowly inside Marshall’s channel, even as he devoured his cock once more. Oh God, that felt good. He clenched his muscles about Lee’s fingers, hoping to keep them there forever. He knew what was coming, and he braced for it.

Sure enough, Lee reached Marshall’s prostate and pushed against the bundle of nerves. Marshall yelped; Lee did it again.

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