Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #15: Be My Human

Happy Weekend, everyone! And welcome to more of My Sexy Saturday, where we showcase WIP's or published works and show off our sexy couples!

This week, I'm offering a little snippet from a book that will be published this fall by Dreamspinner Press. Be My Human is the sequel to Be My Alien, and it's the joint effort of author M.A. Church (The Harvest, Nighttime series) and myself. Our couple is Taz and Reed, and I think the excerpt speaks for itself.  Enjoy!

“Gok,” Reed grunted, then cleared his throat. Fuck, Taz had sucked the ability to speak right out of him, through his cock. It had been much too long since the last time he’d gotten a blowjob. “I mean good. That’s good. Straddle me, babe.”
Taz stole a quick kiss, then swung a leg over Reed’s lap, balancing himself over the cock that pointed directly up at his ass. “As sexy as I think it is to be undressed while you’re still clothed, I think we might need to get your shirt out of the way.” What a time for his kitten to be practical.
“Just shove it the fuck out of the way then,” Reed growled. The head of his dick brushed Taz’s hole. He was going to start foaming at the mouth if he didn’t get in there and damn soon. How the hell Taz was still able to make any sort of sense was beyond him. His own thought processes were shot to hell. Reed tightened his hand around Taz’s slim hips and grunted when Taz finally pushed his shirt out of the way. “Taz… please.”
Taz impudently flicked his nipples and Reed saw stars. Another odd sound exploded out of him. He bit his lip when Taz wiggled then began the slow descent down his shaft. The need to just sink his fingers into Taz’s hips and slam him down was nearly overwhelming. He wanted to thrust, God he wanted to thrust… almost more than he wanted his next breath. The only thing that stopped him was how much that would hurt his lover. That, and the fact Taz would probably rip him to shreds with his claws. Which he would fucking well deserve since they were only using spit as lube. Rough was fine, bloody wasn’t cool—he knew that firsthand.
“Oh babe, God, you’re so tight. Does it hurt?”
Taz slipped down a little farther. Reed felt his tail make an appearance, jerking behind him. “Burns a little, but it’s not bad.”
“There’s that tail.” Reed flexed his hands on Taz’s hips. “Take your time. I want this to be good for both of us.”

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