Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tease Me Thursday #10: Dark Love

Happy almost Friday! Welcome to another edition of Tease Me Thursday!

Today, I'm giving you something a little bit different. This is an excerpt from Dark Love, my paranormal m/f romance. Samantha Kane works at the McHenry House of Horror and Museum of the Supernatural, and is an expert in the Tarot and vampires. Eric Vargas is the museum's wealthy European investor, newly arrived to see his investment - and he's also a vampire. This is their first meeting. Enjoy!

Eric turned to gaze up the steps at the front of the building.  The sign over the entrance read McHenry House of Horror and Museum of the Supernatural.  On the glass doors were posted the hours of operation as well as all admission fees, except for private performances such as sĂ©ances, tarot readings, etc., in which case the prices were available upon request inside.  “Come, Raymond, let us meet these McHenry brothers,” he started to say, but the words were immediately forgotten in the next breath as he stared in amazement at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen – and that was saying a great deal, for he had seen many beautiful women over the course of his long life – come hurtling through the front doors.
She seemed to be annoyed, although that might well be an understatement.  Her eyes were blazing a bright blue and her brows, which were of the same gorgeous red-gold hue as her hair, were drawn together over her nose in a fierce scowl.  She was paying little attention to the path which her feet were taking, intent upon some inner monologue, and it was with some surprise that she walked head-on into Eric just as her feet left the steps of the Museum for the city sidewalks before her.  Just as he planned it in the split second after sighting her.
Samantha looked up into the blackest pair of eyes she had ever seen, her mouth dropping open to form an o of astonishment.  She hadn’t recalled seeing anyone in front of her, but perhaps she had been too distracted to notice.  She felt like a clumsy fool.  The man gripped her arms closely in his efforts to keep her from falling to the pavement.  “Are you all right?” he asked concernedly, knowing full well that he had done her no actual harm.
“Yes, yes, I’m just fine.  What about you?  Are you okay?  I’m so sorry.  I don’t know what I could have been looking at.”  She couldn’t keep from babbling like a blasted idiot and she cursed herself mentally for her stupidity.
He laid one slender finger upon her lip in a gentle motion.  “Not to worry,” he assured her, “I am fine.  Now.”  And the implication in his voice was so apparent that it caused a deep rose flush to suffuse Samantha’s cheeks.  She gazed up into his impossibly dark eyes and felt as if she could drown in their impenetrable depths.  She took a deep breath.  It required some effort to remove herself from his firm grip, for a part of her didn’t want to let go of him.  Her pulse was racing and all of her senses seemed to be overloading in a way that was unfamiliar to her.  She knew that she shouldn’t be standing here with this man, especially with her fiancĂ© so close at hand.  “I must go,” she mumbled, sliding reluctantly from his grasp.
“Please,” he pleaded with her, “I have just arrived and …” But she allowed herself to listen no further, for even the sound of his voice was setting off alarm bells deep within her soul.  She shook her head, not trusting her voice not to betray her, and walked quickly away, leaving him standing on the sidewalk looking longingly after her.
“We shall meet again,” he murmured softly, although she was much too far away to hear him.  That was a promise, he vowed to himself.  When he turned back to the van, Raymond was waiting patiently for him, a hint of a smile on his normally implacable visage.  “Back to the business at hand,” Eric concurred and gestured toward the front door which he was sure now would lead to his new life.


Now see what is happening in the rest of the hop!

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